Indebted by A.R. Hawkins Read Free Book Online

Book: Indebted by A.R. Hawkins Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.R. Hawkins
his head in affirmative, and I let him down while he starts gasping for air. “Good, now let’s get this shit done with so I can start my weekend.”
    Leading Aaron out, we head to the car and get on the road.

Chapter 4

    I PLOP down in the passenger seat of the black sedan, stunned.
    I’ve never seen brute strength like that before. He picked him up with one hand—off the floor. Jesus Christ! Even though I’m partially scared of what that strength can do, a whole other part of me is turned on. He protected me from that creep, and the possessive attitude he displayed excited me.
    You’re twisted. This guy’s a murderer, and you’re panting after him like a puppy dog. You need to stop this right now!
    Jeremy is in the backseat with his arms crossed. He truly looks like he’s pouting, and he hasn’t said a word since we left—thank God.
    From my spot in the passenger seat, I watch Liam from the corner of my eye. He looks pissed. His jaw is clenched with a muscle ticcing, and his arms are tense, showing off the definition. It’s making desire rocket through me, and I can feel myself starting to harden. I have to rip my eyes away from him to look out the window.
    What if he’s mad at you? What if he thinks you made a pass at this Jeremy guy? Oh shit! I bet that’s it. You better keep walking on eggshells.
    I don’t want him mad at me. I like how he treated me during my first time, and that surprised me. I thought I was in for rough handling, but he made sure I was ready to take him. By the time he was done prepping me, I was more than ready. I never imagined it could be so overwhelming. The way he made my body react and feel, I didn’t want it to end.
    You acted like a little slut. I can’t believe I told him I like his cock in me! You did like it, though…. Yeah, but I didn’t have to tell him that. You have no self-respect. Sighing heavily, I roll down the window a little to cool off my overworked brain. A few minutes later, we pull up to a house in not the most desirable of neighborhoods.
    Beside me, Liam takes a deep breath and looks over at me. “Aaron, I want you to stay in the car, no matter what you hear. You understand?”
    Not wanting to piss him off by arguing, I reply, “I will.”
    I watch as they step out of the car to meet up with two others. One is a good-looking, lanky blond. The other is also blond, but of a stockier build. Neither of them is the type of person I’d want to meet in a dark alley, that’s for sure.
    Through the open window, I hear Liam greet the smaller one. “Hey, Tristan, you ready to do this shit?”
    So that is Tristan. The other one must be Luke.
    “Yeah, I was headed toward the house when my woman called. I’m in the mood to kick some ass now,” Tristan replies.
    “I know exactly how you feel,” Liam says, glancing back my way. Tristan looks over to where Liam’s eyes have gone and raises an eyebrow to him. Liam says, “Dude! So not any of your business.”
    Tristan huffs, “Just sayin.’ Inquiring minds want to know.”
    The Luke guy pipes in. “Well, I don’t. Can we get this show on the road? You two are worse than a couple of women.”
    “Fuck you, Luke,” they both say in unison. Jeremy has been silent the whole time. I guess he’s still sulking.
    I watch them walk up to the door and bang on it—apparently this isn’t a social visit. The door opens to reveal a very large Native American man. From the way he’s holding himself, they aren’t expected or welcome.
    The big guy says, “What do you want?”
    “Sam, we’re here to give you a message from Thomas, since you ignored the first,” Liam grunts while pulling himself up to his full height.
    Sam answers in a dismissive tone, “Do you think I give a shit what Thomas has to say?”
    Tristan steps forward slightly, and I see metal glint in the sun. “We’re here to make sure you care, asshole. Now, why don’t we step inside and have a nice, friendly chat?”
    Sam looks around him

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