India's Summer

India's Summer by Thérèse Read Free Book Online

Book: India's Summer by Thérèse Read Free Book Online
Authors: Thérèse
coffee grinder as Annabelle made a fresh pot, India debated about whether to share her real feelings with her sister. If only she could slip into my skin, the way she does with all those characters on-screen, she thought, maybe she’d understand. There was no excuse for such a cruel outburst and certainly not in front of the children. But Annabelle knew nothing about how demoralizing teaching had become; the endless paperwork, all the testing-standard forms and how difficult it was; to be nearly forty and still unattached, to live from hand to mouth on a salary that made even the idea of buying a pair of Louboutins laughable…
    Her thoughts were interrupted by a quick kiss on her forehead as her sister passed her a mug of coffee. “The house will be empty in a minute and we’ll have it all to ourselves. You can’t imagine what luxury this is for me, sitting in my own garden. I haven’t even been in the pool once this whole year.”
    “That’s somehow so wrong,” India replied, blowing on the hot coffee. “It’s right outside your kitchen door. I’d be in there every single day. You’re so lucky.”
    “Remember, I told you how manic this year has been. Well, I meant it. No matter how successful you are in this town, there’s always someone coming up behind you.” Running her fingers up her neck, Annabelle looked utterly lost. “Nobody sees the pressure or knows the price we pay. And there never seems to be enough time to take it easy.”
    “Be careful what you ask for?” India said.
    “Exactly, darling. Exactly right.”
    “I did have a lovely time last night, Annie. Honestly. The food was fantastic. I guess it’s culture shock or something.”
    “Yes, well, I kind of understand. I do. It’s just that Simon helps put everything into perspective for me. He keeps my priorities straight and connects me with who I really am. And Summer has a gift. You have no idea the things she sees… ”
    “I get it, Annabelle. I do. And I’m sorry. It’s must be foot-in-mouth disease.” She smiled weakly. “Not thinking before I speak.”
    “Not to worry. Tell me about the teaching. How’s it going?”
    India took her time answering. “I feel like I’m living in Groundhog Day! I’m longing to do something different. I just don’t have a clue what it might be. Then there’s the guy thing. I mean, you were right about Pete. It was great sex but he was far too young. I was getting out of bed an hour earlier just to fix my face. It was crazy.”
    “What happened to Mark?”
    “Mark? His idea of a great time was four pints at the pub and a burger on the walk home.”
    “Walk?” Annie laughed.
    “There really hasn’t been anyone since Dr. Duplicitous!”
    “The gynecologist, right?”
    India sighed. “Yes. He was married, Annie, and somehow just ‘forgot’ to tell me – and I have a biological clock ticking away here. You know that.”
    Annie touched her shoulder, understandingly. “I don’t miss dating, that’s for sure,” she said. “And I adore Joss. But it’s lonely for me, too, you know. He’s on the road all the time or I’m up at 5 a.m. and on my way to a shoot. And don’t think I don’t worry about other women. Well, they’re not women. They’re girls. I’ve no reason not to trust Joss. But absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder – his first wife would tell you all about that. You get into this cycle and it’s really hard to break. That’s all. But yes, I am lucky. So lucky. And you,” Annie added, reaching over to caress her sister’s face, “are gorgeous. Adam even said so!”
    “Adam? As in Adam BROOKS?”
    “I did ask him to the dinner. But he was shooting till eleven o’clock last night.”
    India sat bolt upright.
    “He was? He did? You did just say ‘gorgeous’ as in GORGEOUS, right?”
    “Yes … ‘your gorgeous sister.’” Annabelle laughed. “Yes. So what would you like to do today?”
    “Annie. Let’s go out together. Let’s have lunch

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