Infernal Father of Mine

Infernal Father of Mine by John Corwin Read Free Book Online

Book: Infernal Father of Mine by John Corwin Read Free Book Online
Authors: John Corwin
Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Action, Incubus
she screamed, fists
balled, face red like a girl throwing a tantrum.
    He offered a forced smile. "I do not wish fear
to pollute the specimen's purity."
    Daelissa flung out a hand toward the chained
man. His body jerked, hands flying straight out toward the angel.
White tendrils flowed from each digit, streaming into Daelissa's.
He made a horrible moaning wail, splitting the air with a cry
wavering between pain and pleasure.
    I grimaced and clamped hands over my ears so I
wouldn't have to listen to the animalistic sounds tearing from the
poor man's throat.
    David clenched his teeth and glared at Montjoy.
The Exorcist narrowed his eyes, lips widening in a greasy
    "What is it?" I whispered.
    "She's borderline insane unless she feeds," he
said. "Montjoy just brought her back from la-la land."
    White light blazed in Daelissa's eyes. She made
a soft moaning sound as the man's skin writhed with dark veins.
Smoky shadows roiled from his body, and his eyes rolled up until
only the whites remained visible. With a croaking scream, he
collapsed to the floor. The angel shivered, and gasped. She turned
toward us, skin suffused with an alabaster glow. Her eyes
    "Davidius Slade," she hissed, voice crackling
with fury. "You tried to fool me."
    David sighed and shrugged as if pissing off the
crazed angel was no big deal. I backed away slowly.
    The movement caught her eyes. "Justin Slade."
She spat the words. White fire filled Daelissa's palms. Without
hesitation, she hurled the crackling infernos at me. They splashed
against the magical barrier, dissipating with loud
    Montjoy appeared behind her. "I did not realize
Slade was meeting his son, but I captured both for you."
    "You did well," Daelissa said, glaring at me,
another deadly inferno boiling in her hand. "You have made quite a
name for yourself, boy. But you failed to fulfill Foreseeance
Forty-Three Eleven. Your sister is the Cataclyst, and she is still
loyal to me and my servant, Conroy."
    Apparently, Jeremiah hadn't told the angel the
truth about Ivy's current whereabouts. I didn't even know what to
think about this Cataclyst business. Another Seraphim had referred
to me as the Cataclyst—someone who would bring about great change.
I decided it would be a bad idea to correct Daelissa.
    "I may have failed," I said, trying to come up
with something to get her off track, "but you still won't
    Her fiery eyes narrowed. "You are still the
blood of Alysea. Perhaps you can help me." She made a tutting
noise. "Unfortunately, Ivy is too young, her voice not yet
    Dad and I exchanged confused looks.
    Mature voice? Does she want me to make prank
calls with her? "I won't help you with anything," I
    The angel laughed. "Oh, but you will have no
    "Would you prefer to kill the boy?" Montjoy
    "Does it sound like I want to kill him?"
Daelissa shrieked. "You idiotic toad! We will banish him. Send word
to Serena and have someone waiting."
    "See it is done," Montjoy said to one of the
Exorcists. The hooded figure scurried away. "Your Eminence, perhaps
we could send them to Kobol until Serena is ready to receive
    "I will not give them another chance to
escape." She flashed teeth at David. "Davidius is most
    The Exorcist who'd left the room a moment ago
returned. "It is done. She will be ready."
    "Excellent," Daelissa said. "My mind will rest
easy with this abomination no longer soiling Eden's fair
    "Why are you so intent on ruling again?" David
said. "The cost was staggering last time, Daelissa. With your
power, you could usher in a time of peace and serenity."
    A low, growling laugh rose in Daelissa's
throat. A cold, malicious smile spread across her lips. "What good
is peace and serenity when there is no one to share it with, hm?"
She paced outside the ring, eyes never leaving David. "You, of
course, have someone. You chose her over me, I might remind
    "I'm sorry—"
    She cut him off with a slash of her hand.

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