Infidelity by Pat Tucker Read Free Book Online

Book: Infidelity by Pat Tucker Read Free Book Online
Authors: Pat Tucker
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
You okay?"
    "Emm hmm. I'm good, just tired. That's all," she managed.
    "Guess you don't feel like hooking a brotha up. You know, with a little phone sex?"
    "Actually, I haven't been feeling good lately; always sleepy."
    "Oh, Shorty, you don't have a lil’ something on the way do you?"
    "Nah, nothing like that. Just a little tired." She yawned. "That’s all."
    "Damn, so no love for a brotha this morning huh?"
    "Sorry, babe, I'm way too tired."
    Clarke rolled his eyes, then sighed. He walked to the patio and looked out. He didn't panic when he saw Kelsa's Explorer pull into the driveway. He calmly walked to the back and sat on the bed.
    "Well, I'm sorry you're feeling bad, but maybe I'll check up on you a little later. Cool?"
    "Yeah, that’ll work."
    "Alright, I'll holla."
    "I love yo-"
    He didn't want to hear that shit so he quickly hung up the phone. He wondered why she'd been acting all funny lately. He was hoping she wasn't gonna try and pull that "I'm pregnant, so leave your wife or else." hH just wasn't trying to hear it.
    "Are you just getting home?" Kelsa asked. She walked in and dropped her overnight bags at the door.
    "Nah, baby, I got here like around three or four this morning."
    Her brows crumbled together. "Why is the bed still made if you've been here that long?"
    "Girl, what is this? A Spanish inquisition? I fell out on the couch, damn what's up? Why you gotta sweat a brotha like he stole something?"
    Kelsa sashayed over to the bed and dropped her purse, then sat next to Clarke. She frowned a bit and looked into her husband's eyes.
    He smiled and tilted his head, giving her his best puppy-dog look. "Whassup, Baby Girl?"
    "I don't know. It’s just, well, I called around 3:45 this morning and you weren't here." She frowned.
    "Ah damn. Is that what you up in here giving me the third degree over? Baby, why didn't you say something? Of course I didn't answer. I wasn't here. We didn't get back ‘till about five."
    "But you just said you got here at three."
    "Nah, I must've mixed up the time. I got here about five, you know, I didn't clock in. A brotha didn't know he had to." Before she could say anything else he jumped up from the bed with his hands on his belt buckle as if he was prepared to drop his pants.
    "What? Don’t even tell me. Now I gotta whip out the thangie for a smell check? ‘Cause I will. A brotha will do it if that’s gonna make you feel better," he joked.
    Kelsa frowned and simply nodded her head. "I'm sorry, Clarke. I don't know what's wrong with me lately. You're right, I guess I was just a little jealous of you spending time with the guys instead of me."
    Clarke sat back down, put his arms around her and eased her close.
    "Awwww baby girl, you ain't got to be jealous," he said in a comforting tone. "Did you hear anything more about your request?"
    Kelsa pulled back a bit. "Oh, yeah I did. My supervisor discretely advised me that I might want to stay on the overnight shift for another 11 to 12 months."
    "Ah Damn. Nah!" He did a couple of air punches to further emphasize his disappointment.
    "Well, she reminded me that the Head Nurse slot will be opening soon, and I'm almost a shoo in. Well, you know, if I continue to do good work and not make too much noise about my shift." She smiled.
    "No shit?" His eyes lit up.
    "Damn, Kel, that's great news, Baby! Head RN? That's got to come with a better schedule and big bucks to boot, right?"
    She nodded again. This time, she shared in his enthusiasm.
    "So, baby, I really need your support. Just hang in there with me and when I get that new promotion, we can go to breezy Belize to celebrate."
    "Awwww, baby, that's cool. Real cool."
    Now all he had to do was make it through the afternoon without any sex. He watched her intensely, hoping her actions would disclose whether she was in a romantic mood. She walked into the large closet they shared. When she emerged wearing flannel pajamas instead of a slinky nighty, he was relieved.
    "Clarke, I hope

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