Insatiable - Devil's Stepbrothers MC

Insatiable - Devil's Stepbrothers MC by Sophia Hampton Read Free Book Online

Book: Insatiable - Devil's Stepbrothers MC by Sophia Hampton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sophia Hampton
ask. It made her giddy that he’d even asked. They were in the getting to know you phase, but he didn’t really share much. She understood it had only been a week, and there were things, big things, she hadn’t shared with him either.
    “It’s me and Lucca last year at the Annual Happy Day Benefit. We have to go every year for some reason. I don’t even argue about it anymore; I just show up, smile, and leave.” She laughed when she finished her comment because it seemed like the fun police just sucked all the good vibes from the room. Something had switched in the atmosphere, and it wasn’t good. There were times when she was too fanciful, ask her mother, but it really seemed like something was wrong.
    “You go to the Giovanni Charity dinner every year? Why?” He asked and looked like it was such a ridiculous thing to do that she’d forgotten that she hadn’t mentioned who she was. There was a reason for that… she never did. If someone didn’t know she was the oldest daughter of the largest organized crime boss, she wouldn’t tell them. She’d gotten very comfortable with Aiden. So much so that she’d forgotten that she had been in hiding from everyone for her whole life. She was torn on what to do, but she trusted this man, so she was going to go out on a limb.
    “There are a few things I’ve not told you, but one of the reasons I knew you weren’t telling the truth about who you were is because I recognized a lot of the things you did. I recognized them because I don’t usually tell the truth about myself. I can make up stories to fill in the gaps and for my main history.” She wasn’t able to talk to him while looking at him. Exposing herself like this to him was more revealing than when she took off her clothes and stood before him naked. It was going to happen… she was going to do it… if only the butterflies in her stomach would land for just a second. She hoped she wouldn’t be sick.
    He must have put down the picture and walked over to her because she could see him out of the corner of her eye… standing so still it was like he was made of stone. She remembered how patient he could be from the first time they’d had sex, and she admired how he could wait to see what she was going to do to his cock. It would have been helpful for him to say something though because maybe she wouldn’t say the words that hadn’t ever left he mouth. His presence was comforting, and right then and there she made the choice to trust him. She glanced over to where he stood and hoped she was making the right decision. She opened up her mouth to let it out but stopped… could she really do this? She started again.
    “I’m not who you think I am,” she said as a starter. Lorna knew she was stirring the sauce like it required an advanced degree to handle the spoon, but she didn’t want to see his face when she admitted her omission.
    “We’ve talked a lot this past week, but you’ve never really said who you are beside the fact that your name is Lorna not Laura, and I know you have long black hair instead of a short blonde bob. You work as a boutique owner that sells really expensive dresses. Who else are you that I think you’re not?”
    “My name is Lorna Giovanni, and I’m the eldest daughter of Mario Giovanni.” At the last minute, she decided she had to see what that knowledge would do to his expression. She’d been hiding that information, from anyone who didn’t actually know the information as a fact, for so long it honestly felt like a weight had been lifted from her chest.
    “So that would make the guy in the picture—” He stopped like he didn’t want to make any assumptions even though she’d just given him the information.
    “Lucca is my best friend… and my favorite cousin.” She’d wanted to see what that information would do to him, and it wasn’t as good as she’d hoped it be. Her thought was that he wouldn’t think it was a big deal

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