Jailed by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online

Book: Jailed by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Viola Grace
Tags: Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Science Fiction Opera
    “Fine, but I am still not having sex with you.”
    “You are no fun. Not even once in celebration?”
    “No. You are an excellent friend, but I am not seeking pleasure with you.”
    Norod tightened his grip on her. “No, she is not seeking pleasure with you, sister.”
    “Fine. It was worth a final try before we return home. Once there, she will be under scrutiny. Do you have all the tests and documents ready, brother?”
    Norod nodded. “I have it all.”
    Kori sat up. “What?”
    Nikada smirked. “He has to prove that you are capable of bearing a daughter for the Ru family. If you are not a compatible species, there would be issues.”
    Kori froze. “But I am not compatible with the Wyencar. I looked into it after I arrived here. I would need gene therapy to make it possible.”
    Norod sighed, “Which is why we are making a stop at a medical station. It is on our way back to the planet, and the treatment you need is non-invasive and will take only a few days. The largest difficulty is body chemistry.”
    Kori sighed, “You see, this is what I meant by my not getting information in bits. So, after the treatment, I will only be able to have a child with a Wyencar, if at all.”
    “That is correct. Is that a problem?” His arms tightened as if to stop her from bolting.
    “No, but it means you really have to be serious about this. I am out here with no home, no family, no nothing. You are the one with something to lose here.”
    “I have nothing to lose and a new world to gain.” He grinned and nuzzled her cheek again.
    She smiled and kept a hand on his neck, feeling the heavy thudding of his pulse against her palm.
    After an hour of the sauna, they jumped into the cold pool and emerged for hot tea and iced fruit provided by the hotel spa staff.
    Relaxed, refreshed and energized, she led them back to their rooms and shifted her suit into an evening gown. Dinner was next on the agenda, and after that, Kori was going to have to return to her quarters. She had to work in the morning.
    Kori sat and typed while she paid close attention to the argument occurring in front of her. The Nyal characters were difficult to learn, but typing in Nyal was a skill that she could be proud of.
    When the argument was over, the meeting was adjourned for the day. It would commence again the following morning.
    The moment the Lith were out the door, Honour smiled. “So, your contract is up.”
    “Yup. I am out of here in two days. My ride has already arrived.”
    Honour chuckled. “You look like a woman in love.”
    “Call it post-coital glow. I don’t know about love yet.”
    “Will you and your intended meet us for dinner?”
    “I have two guests.”
    “Both of them then. Please, dinner in an hour.”
    “I will see if they are available. Restaurant or hotel?”
    “Restaurant. Annabella is very excited to have made a trip to the station. She is growing at quite the rate.”
    “I look forward to seeing her, Honour. See you in an hour.” Kori filed the paperwork as incomplete and headed for the hotel.
    She knocked on the door and Norod answered, kissing her passionately before allowing her in.
    “We have all been invited to dinner with the Host, Bride and their daughter. In one hour. If you do not wish to attend, I can send your regrets.”
    Nikada looked up from her files and data pads. She snorted. “Like I am going to pass up that chance. Give me five minutes.”
    Norod laughed. “I am already dressed. If you didn’t ask us out, I was going to ask you.”
    She changed into a cocktail dress in Yalki tradition. Honour was stuck in her bio-suit and dressing up too much would be impolite.
    Norod invited her in and sat next to her on the couch. “How was work?”
    “Busy, unresolved.”
    “I do hate working with negotiations, and you do it constantly. How do you manage?”
    She smiled, “Easy, all I am concerned with is the proper recording of events. How the information falls is none of my

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