Jaylin's World

Jaylin's World by Brenda Hampton Read Free Book Online

Book: Jaylin's World by Brenda Hampton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brenda Hampton
the room. It came with one king-sized bed, a couch, two chairs and a table. My thoughts were all over the place, and I couldn’t help but think about the last time Scorpio and I were together. It was a night to remember, and sex between us was off the chain. While in the car, she said she hadn’t showered in days; so it was no surprise when she went into the bathroom to handle her business. I sat on the bed, massaging my forehead and thinking about my wife and kids at home. I hadn’t called Nokea since I’d left Miami, and I knew she was wondering where I was. She’d called my cell phone twice, so I dialed out to call her.
    â€œIt’s about time,” she said in a playful tone.
    â€œI apologize, baby. I got so wrapped up with seeing the property, and as of yet, I still haven’t seen it. My friend Curtis couldn’t find the keys to let me inside and we have to wait until tomorrow. I’m at his house right now, and I’m about to shut it down for the night.”
    â€œWhat time are you coming back tomorrow?”
    â€œIt depends on what time I can get inside to see the property. It’s a thirty-two-thousand-square-foot building, and from the outside, it looks as if it may have some potential. He got some other property he wants to show me too. If Shane and I can get some designers to fix it up, it may very well be worth it.”
    â€œI thought Shane was going with you. He came to the house, but I think he’s still at Tiffanie’s house. They had dinner tonight. Hopefully, they’re patching things up.”
    â€œMaybe so, but, uh, I told him I was coming to Chicago by myself. Curtis be acting kind of funny, and he don’t like dealing with a lot of people.”
    â€œI know how that is. Get some rest and I’ll see you tomorrow.”
    â€œYou too, baby. Tell the kids I’ll see them soon.”
    We ended our call, and I sat back on the bed, feeling like crap. Everything with Nokea and me was going so smoothly. I didn’t like lying to her at all. To clear my conscience, as soon as I got back home, I was going to tell her about Mackenzie. Especially since she was definitely going to be a huge part of my life again.
    Still sitting back on the bed, I removed my shirt and turned on the plasma TV. I could hear the shower running, and I started letting my imagination run wild. I knew exactly what Scorpio looked liked in the shower, and the thought of her lathered naked body was fresh in my mind. Yeah, I wanted to get up and join her, but I knew I couldn’t go there. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t go there. The way I felt after betraying Nokea the last time Scorpio and I had sex was enough. I couldn’t even look Nokea in her eyes, and it took me months to recover from what I’d done. Lying to Nokea was one thing, but sticking my dick where it didn’t belong was another.
    I heard the shower turn off, and as I was flipping through the channels, Scorpio came out of the bathroom. A towel was wrapped around her curvaceous body, and she had another towel on her head, shaking her wet hair dry.
    â€œI needed that so bad,” she said, “you just don’t know.... I feel like a million dollars right now.”
    I glanced at her, but shifted my eyes back to the TV. “You’ll feel like a million more dollars after you get some rest.”
    She removed the towel from her head and laid it on a chair. With the other towel still covering her, she got into the bed next to me.
    â€œCan you scoot down and hold me?” she asked.
    I scooted down, allowing Scorpio to get close and rest her head on my bare chest. Things were pretty quiet for a while, until she lifted her head to look up at me.
    â€œYou smell so good. Are you comfortable?” she asked.
    â€œI’m okay. Just get some rest.”
    She laid her head back on my chest and crossed her leg over mine. I was glad that my jeans were still on, and that was a good

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