Jealous And Freakn'

Jealous And Freakn' by Eve Langlais Read Free Book Online

Book: Jealous And Freakn' by Eve Langlais Read Free Book Online
Authors: Eve Langlais
reacting to his promise.
    “Oh, you’ll be taken all right,” he leered.
    They grinned at each other and burst into laughter, sharing a strange rapport similar to the one she owned with Naomi. Except I ’ve never want ed to give my BFF a blow job followed by a good fuck.
    “So you giving me a ride to work?” she asked, arching a brow.
    “You are going to kill me, I swear,” he grumbled good-naturedly as he stalked off to grab his jacket.
    “Does that mean you don’t intend to help with the plan to make Mitchell jealous?” she called after him, wondering if she’d pushed him too far. She liked his idea of making Mitchell take note of her, and if she admitted it to herself, she liked Alejandro. He made her laugh, and for a lighthearted person like herself, that rocked. If the plan to get Mitchell failed, perhaps Alejandro would make a good backup. Then she mentally slapped herself.
    Alejandro chased anything in a skirt. Sure, she posed a challenge since she’d not fallen onto his prick with the first smile, but once she let him conquer her pussy, he’d move on. It was what men like him did. So setting her sights on him as some type of second place prize seemed foolish. Although, using him to console her bruised heart, and aching cleft, would maybe work.
    Great, I’ve got one man who doesn’t want me, and another who wants me until he gets me.
    As if he read her mind, Alejandro came back and said, “You won’t get rid of me that easily, baby. Now get that hot ass of yours outside and on that bike before I decide we should practice playing the happy couple on your couch—naked.”
    The smoldering look in his eyes had her scurrying even as interest moistened her pussy. Damn, but the man tore at her defenses. If only he’d come along before her plan to finally win Mitchell over. She’d have had him naked and feasting between her thighs. Yum.
    This plan better work because I’m going to need some sexual relief soon in a bad way. And somehow, she doubted there were enough batteries in the world to keep her vibrator going long enough to put out the fire in her sex.
    * * * *
    Driving with the sexy wolf on the back of his bike was pure torture. It didn’t help he had to stuff his hard-on into his leather pants of the day before. And unfortunately for him, jerking off in the shower that morning before she came down hadn’t made the situation any better, not when he kept replaying her words of the night before. So much for thinking of her as a sweet, delicate thing. She still appeared it, but owned a delightful potty mouth that could drop a man to his knees. And she knew it too. Brat.
    Much as he ached from wanting to have her—naked in a variety of positions—he couldn’t deny how much he also enjoyed her presence and quick wit. He rarely came across women who could resist him when he poured on the charm. More intriguing, he could tell she desired him. She couldn’t completely hide the scent of her lust or the bright hunger in her eyes. And yet, she seemed to have no problem keeping him at bay, and her hands to herself. Such a shame, which of course was why he didn’t tell her that her car was returned that morning in perfect working condition. He parked it around the corner on purpose because he wanted her wrapped around his body on the bike, her squeals of excitement a cheap thrill. He also kept hoping she’d let her hands stray south to the juncture of his thighs so she could see how she affected him, but while she clutched him tight, her hands never strayed from his chest. A pity.
    When they arrived at her workplace, she hopped off and removed his helmet, handing it to him. He ignored it and snagged her with one hand before she could walk away.
    “Did you want something?” she asked, laughter dancing in her eyes, her lips curving into a sensual smile that did crazy things to his heart.
    A need to taste those lips made him think fast. “Well, if I’m not mistaken, you

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