Just Ask

Just Ask by Mia Downing Read Free Book Online

Book: Just Ask by Mia Downing Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mia Downing
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
those words back. His heart hammered like a drum, the little section of water where he stood heating up from the flush of his skin, his cock arching from his groin, working on raging hard. But as badly as he wanted those words back, he wanted to taste Ryan more.
    Ryan froze mid-stroke. Sank to his feet. He took one step, then two until he was in Jordan’s space, his face an inch away, his hair dripping water onto his hard shoulders and chest. Never had Jordan wanted to be kissed so badly, not even the first time he’d gotten a cheerleader to make out with him under the bleachers in high school. They stood eye to eye in the dim light, almost the same height, Ryan breathing just as hard.
    “I’d say that’s pushing the limits,” Ryan observed, his voice full of approval.
    Ryan’s large hand cupped Jordan’s jaw, his fingers rough yet gentle as he pulled him closer. Jordan’s heart couldn’t beat harder, faster, louder. Those firm lips drew near, and Jordan let his eyelids flutter closed and surrendered to another first of the day.
    So firm, Ryan’s lips were, slanting across his mouth, gentle in their exploration. Ryan drew away, hesitating a moment, and Jordan closed the distance this time, wanting more. Ryan kissed him harder, his tongue sliding over Jordan’s lips, separating them, diving in for a longer taste.
    Salt water and wine danced on his taste buds as Jordan touched his tongue to Ryan’s, twining and tangling. Tentatively, Jordan raised his hand and placed it palm-flat on Ryan’s pec, the muscles flexing under the contact. Shocks of pleasure raced from his fingertips straight to his cock. His hands skimmed the flesh, exploring the sensation of crisp, damp chest hair, that dip from ribs to abdomen, the tight muscles rippling. Incredible.
    Jordan stepped closer until his hips were flush with Ryan’s, Ryan’s cock hard, insistent, and pushing against Jordan’s stomach. Jordan slid his arm around Ryan’s waist and pulled him closer, in awe that this could feel so right. Natural.
    Jordan should have hated it, a man’s dick buried in his belly, a man’s hand on his ass, pulling him closer, the head of his own cock brushing against an abdomen of rippled steel. It shocked him that he liked it, all of it. It was just as freeing as the naked race on the beach, the dive into the waves.
    God, he wanted this, wanted Ryan’s touch. How could he not have known all these years? But maybe it was Ryan, commanding in a way that made him weak in the knees. Maybe it was the run down the beach, the fucking fresh air and moonlight, but whatever sparked it, he wanted it to go on.
    Jordan’s hand wove into the soaking strands of Ryan’s long hair, and he tugged, pulling that insistent mouth harder against his. Ryan moaned and Jordan answered, kissing him deeper, harder, letting lust guide his actions. Every muscle trembled, every cell tingled, every inch of him wanting more.
    Finally, Ryan broke the kiss, his mouth stealing to Jordan’s neck, sucking there. “Have you ever kissed a man before?”
    “No.” But Ryan’s mouth, hot on his neck, sent shivers of the best kind down his spine. “I like it.”
    “How adventuresome were you in bed?”
    “I enjoy anal sex. I had my ass fucked once by a woman with a strap-on. It was hotter than hell.” Jordan sucked in a breath as Ryan nipped his throat, right above his Adam’s apple. Desire climbed a notch higher, making him as bold as if he’d drunk a fifth of tequila. “I want to try sex with you, though.”
    Ryan stilled in the progress of his lips, and they formed a smile against Jordan’s skin. “Do you, now. When did you come to this decision?”
    “You know Blake didn’t put up with fake shit. I don’t either. Always be honest with me.”
    Blake liked everything on the line, out in the open. But being truthful, about this… Jordan swallowed his worry and put it all out there. Either he’d get his boys-gone-wild weekend, or he wouldn’t.

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