Kallos (Kallos Series)

Kallos (Kallos Series) by Khelsey Jackson Read Free Book Online

Book: Kallos (Kallos Series) by Khelsey Jackson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Khelsey Jackson
say it to her face. She can see her dad looking out the window, and her mother is standing near him.
    “Mom, Dad.” Her voice cracks, and they both turn to look at her. She notices that her mom is crying and her dad’s face is blank. She takes a deep breath and holds it for a few seconds, then lets it out slowly. “I know that I’m adopted.” Her mom starts to cry harder, and her dad puts his arm around her shoulder to comfort her.
    “Oh, Sweetie!” Her mom cries out. She reaches out for Kallos' hand, and Kallos grabs it. No matter what, this is her mother. “How long have you known?” She looks into her mother’s eyes and smiles.
    “Not long, Mom,” she says and squeezes her hand.
    “What else do you know?” Her dad asks. She looks at him, and she knows that they know everything. Kallos can feel her birthmark heating up, and she looks at her mom to see if she can feel it. Her mom must have because her mouth drops open, and she gasps. She quickly moves away from Kallos as if she has just been burned. Her mom looks at her dad; he doesn’t look as shocked as she expected him to.
    “I think I know everything.” She looks right into his eyes and says, “When were you going to tell me?”
    “When you were older.” With obvious regret in his voice. She can feel the tears wanting to break free. She closes her eyes and prays they don't fall.
    “When I was older? This is something I should have known for a while.” She says and reopens her eyes. He looks away from her. She turns around and stomps loudly as she walks up the stairs. She slams the door and starts to cry again. I’m a freak!
    Ian said that Kallos would have some power and she has no clue what powers he was talking about. She just wants to be a normal girl who has boy problems and trouble with her homework. Kallos wants to worry about when she will get her first kiss not changing into a goddess. She has no clue how she will be changing. In the matter of just a few days, her whole world is falling apart. Kallos’ head is killing her, and her eyes burn from crying. She looks up when she hears her cell phone ringing. She grabs it, looks at the screen, as she sees a number she doesn’t recognize, she pushes the answer key and says, “Hello?”
    “Kallos, are you all right?” Just hearing his voice makes her heat up, and she knows who it is.
    “I’m fine, Sean. It got a little crazy here, but now it’s fine.” Which is a lie. She doesn't know how things will ever be fine. Her parents have lied to her for the past sixteen years. She hears Sean chuckle; she isn't in the mood for being made fun of.
    “You, my beauty, are lying to me,” he says as he laughs. “But that’s okay, for now. You have found out a lot in a little time. I just wanted to know how you were doing.” That is kind of sweet, even if he and Ian did start everything. She isn't mad at them; she is just confused. Last night when she looked up Aphrodite, she remembered seeing something about her and Aries. She is going to have to look at that again.
    “Thank you, but I’m okay. Can I talk to you tomorrow?”
    “As you wish. Good night, my beauty. Sleep well.”
    “Good night, Sean.” She hangs up the phone and to her amazement doesn’t feel like crying. She smiles and thinks of Sean. That’s how she fell asleep.
    Kallos looks around and can see nothing. She is standing in the middle of darkness. She blinks a couple of times and nothing. Okay, this is a dream. She can think of something and it will just show up. She tries to think of a flashlight, but nothing happens. She hasn’t been afraid of the dark since she was five, but right now she is terrified. Kallos starts to breathe faster, and she can feel her whole body tremble. “Hello?” She asks in an unstable voice. All she can hear is her own echo. She puts her hand inches in front of her face and can see nothing. She wants to cry because she doesn’t know where she is. She can hear footsteps, and she turns around to

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