Kiss the Tiger

Kiss the Tiger by Raquel Lyon Read Free Book Online

Book: Kiss the Tiger by Raquel Lyon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Raquel Lyon
makes you think I’m not excited?”
    His eyes glistened with a secret
I’d have given anything to discover. “Are you?”
    The evening had turned out to be
nothing like I’d imagined, and if I were going to get through it, more alcohol
was definitely required. I picked up my drink, downed it in one, and stole a
glance at Nessie.
    Jacko was stroking her arm and
talking in her ear. She flashed me a quit stalling and get over here look.
    What was I supposed to do? I’d
agreed to play a part, but I couldn’t flirt with the guy who’d stolen my
virginity…and I couldn’t leave him with my sister. What if he forced himself on
her too? There was no way I was having that on my conscience. We had to leave.
Yes. Tell Nessie the score, and leave. That was the sensible thing to do. But
no one who knew me would ever describe me as sensible, and if we left now, I’d
lose any chance I had of being with Josh. A chance that was never intended to
be mine. Why did life have to be so complicated?
    Josh’s head was cocked, studying
my inner turmoil. “He doesn’t remember.”
    My stomach flipped. Shit! What
did that mean? Jacko didn’t remember but Josh did? In the space of two seconds
my status had dropped from possible holiday romance to unmemorable slapper
who’ll sleep with any guy at a party . It didn’t get much worse. Any glimmer
of hope that I’d end the evening in Josh’s bed evaporated with one sentence.
His next one would probably comment on how stupid I’d looked half naked amongst
a pile of coats.
    It didn’t.
    “This is his bar. He lives here
now. I came over for the summer to keep him company.”
    “He’s the owner?”
    “Technically our parents and the
bank are. He owes heaps. I think he even mortgaged his bollocks.”
    I cracked a smile.
    His eyes dropped to my lips.
“There it is. I knew it was in there somewhere.”
    Nessie’s hands dented my
shoulders and she beamed over them at Josh. “Do you mind if I borrow my sister
for a minute?”
    He cocked a brow. “Running away
    “We’ll be right back.”
    “Sure you will.” He picked up his
beer and took a swig, as Nessie pulled me out of earshot and whispered through
a closed tooth smile.
    “Amy, what are you doing? You’re
supposed to be playing up to Adam, remember?”
    “I haven’t forgotten.”
    “So what’s keeping you? I’m dying
of frustration waiting to get my hands on J.J.”
    You and me both! “I
    “But you promised.”
    “I know I did, but…”
    “If you don’t do this for me, you
might as well fly home with Mum, because I’m going to make your life hell for
the rest of this holiday.” Before I could utter another word, she stormed back
to the bar. I followed in time to hear her shout, “Tequila, please.”
    My path back to Josh was blocked
by a group of pissed up thirty-somethings. I tried to push through and bounced straight
off them.
    Sighing, I went to the bathroom
to organise my thoughts, certain in the knowledge that Nessie would be fine for
a minute. It was too early in the evening for Jacko to make a move on her. I stared
in the mirror and cursed my fair skin. My nose was bright red and tight with
sunburn. Had I really been trying to chat up my dream guy when I looked like
Rudolf? I splashed water on my face, glad that I hadn’t worn foundation. Who
was I kidding anyway? If he’d been interested in me, he’d had plenty of time to
ask me out during college. Chances were he was only paying me attention tonight
in the hope of getting his end away with a sure thing. The whole situation was
fucked up, and it wasn’t one I was willing to risk my sister’s safety for. But
where did I go from here? Was there any way I could play this to leave a
glimmer of hope with Josh and still be on speaking terms with Nessie?
    I had to tell her.
    I couldn’t tell her.
    I had to tell him. If Jacko had
any shred of decency in him, he’d stay well away. And if Nessie knew I had no
one to keep me company, she

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