Knight in Blue Jeans

Knight in Blue Jeans by Evelyn Vaughn Read Free Book Online

Book: Knight in Blue Jeans by Evelyn Vaughn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Evelyn Vaughn
Tags: Romance, romantic suspense
in a cesspool of a neighborhood, she scowled but moved on. Arden, in contrast, looked deceptively refined in a full-skirted sundress and a large, shady hat. She acted as if she had no need of monitoring her surroundings, she was that confident in her place of the world.
    Certain he knew where they were going—public transit, again—Lowell waited until the women had almost reached the end of the block before turning the key in the ignition. It wasn’t like they would hear the purr of his finely tuned engine. Shifting into gear, he eased forward….
    Tried to ease forward.
    A thumping lurch dragged his attention from his quarry to his car. He pressed harder on the gas, forcing the sedan to move, and the thumps sped up.
    Braking, Lowell cut the engine and climbed out into the heat to face a flat tire on the driver’s side front.
    And the driver’s side back.
    Circling the car, he found the other two tires equally flat. A piece of toothpick, still extending from the valve of one tire, explained how someone had sabotaged the car without him hearing it, or even noticing the slow sinking of the vehicle. Instead of puncturing the tires, someone had arranged for a slow leak in all four.
    But—the girls had been in the house the whole time!
    Lowell glanced quickly around him, his eyes narrowing at some teenaged boys of mixed ethnicities playing basketball not far down the street. They had worse ways, he supposed, of trapping a fine automobile in this slum, maybe to steal its hubcaps, maybe to do worse.
    Narrowing his eyes in warning, Lowell slipped quickly back into the car to phone for auto-club service. But first he pressed the button to lock all his doors and made sure he knew where his gun was, as opposed to his knife.
    None of the bloodlines around here deserved an honorable fight!
    Grinning from one of Greta’s windows at his automotive handiwork, Smith quickly finished dictating which securitysystem to pick up. “No, let’s not go with the base level—and yes, I’ll pay you back. Let’s go for deluxe. If certain parties figure out who she is—”
    “Who is she?” demanded Trace over the prepaid cell phone.
    “I’ll explain later. ’Bye.” Then, pocketing the phone, Smith carried the last of the dishes into the kitchen after his elderly hostess, careful not to trip on the dog. Living hand-to-mouth as he now did, he’d gotten pretty skilled at bussing tables.
    Descended from heroes of history and legend, huh?
    Even as he set down the dishes, the older lady asked, “How well did you know Arden before you and she began dating?”
    “Not that well—”
    “I can ask her, too,” Greta reminded him, turning the faucet on in her deep old sink. The pipes made a hollow clunk as the water began to run.
    “Our families were close, but we didn’t see each other much,” Smith admitted guiltily. Especially not as he’d entered his rebellious teen years, when he might have found her something other than “icky.” Back then, he’d avoided all social obligations like the plague. “Not until after college. I just…That is, she…”
    She’d seemed so perfect, he’d thought she would never look twice at him. So he’d pretended disinterest.
    Familiarity breeding contempt, she’d met his disinterest and raised him some exasperation.
    He’d matched her exasperation and added some scorn. This had gone on for years.
    It was Mitch who’d finally called Smith on his behavior. For two people who can’t stand each other, you two sure do end up in the same place a lot.
    Thus began their equally turbulent, on-again off-again attempts at dating without killing each other. He’d never had so much fun. Never felt so much frustration.
    Just nail her and get it over with already, Trace had insisted.
    But Arden had this old-fashioned six-month rule, andthey never made it past four without one blowup or another, until finally…
    Wait. Why was it any of the old bat’s business? “It was complicated.”

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