Know Me (DEFIANT Motorcycle Club)

Know Me (DEFIANT Motorcycle Club) by Cora Brent Read Free Book Online

Book: Know Me (DEFIANT Motorcycle Club) by Cora Brent Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cora Brent
“Good,” he smiled. 
    “So where were you today?” I asked. 
    Orion didn’t like the question.  “Drink your beer,” he answered. 
    “Are you trying to get me drunk?”
    He swallowed a bite of food and lit another cigarette, taking several deep inhales before speaking again.  “I’m trying to get you relaxed.”  He reached underneath the table and pushed his hand between my knees.  “It’ll be so much nicer if you relax, Kira.”
    I tipped the bottle back and let several long swallows pour down my throat.  In the process I loosened the tension in my knees and allowed Orion’s hand to slide between my thighs. 
    He was observing me with close intensity.  I realized that he was waiting.  And that he wouldn’t wait long.  I placed the bottle back onto the table and let my thighs swallow his large hand, meeting his stare and nodding just perceptibly. 
    Orion didn’ t waste any more time.  He pushed the table aside so roughly my bowl of mac and cheese clattered to the floor.  As he lifted me out of the chair my legs wrapped around him automatically.  I clutched at his broad shoulders and when his mouth covered mine in a crazy dance of heat and tongue, I was lost. 
    The sensation was one of spinning as Orion carried me to the bedroom.  As he deposited me in a kneeling position on the bed, he watched my face as his hands pushed the dress down over my breasts.  He ran his fingertips lightly over my hard nipples and then firmly massaged the valley between then, reaching over my belly and lower.  I bent into his touch, loving every inch of it and wanting him more by the second.
    “ Shit, look at you,” he groaned, easing the tight dress over my hips. “You’re so goddamn perfect.”
    I wanted to touch him.  So I did.  He waited for me to get my fill of feeling the hard outline of his aroused dick.  And then, without being coaxed, I unzipped his pants and released him.  I stared at the giant organ in my hand, suddenly realizing it would somehow need to fit inside my tight depths. 
    Only my panties remained as an obstacle and Orion made short work of those as he lowered me onto my back, settling his considerable weight over me.  My knees were on either side of him, poised and tense.   Orion reached between my legs, pushing a finger into my core.  He suddenly stretched over and grabbed a small bottle from the bedside table. 
    “The wetter, the better,” he explained wryly, rubbin g the oil into my pleading center. 
    I felt a sense of unreality as he pushed my legs wider and began pushing his dick against me, trying to ease it inside.  I bit my lip and stared at his face.  This was Orion Jackson, I reminded myself, the man who had once picked me up and placed me happily on his shoulders so that I could see above the circus crowd.  I remembered how he had looked up at me with merry blue eyes, asking, “That better, baby girl?”  And I had nodded and hugged him before returning my attention to the elephant tricks in the ring. 
    Orion massaged my thighs.  “ Stop clenching up,” he commanded. 
    “Will that keep it from hurting ?” I said, then hated myself for uttering such a childish question. 
    His face softened just a touch and he kissed me on the forehead.  “It’ll hurt like a bitch this time anyway.  But a little less.” 
    I nodded and Orion pulled me into a long kiss.  I closed my eyes and felt the tension in my muscles melt away.  And then, with a mighty thrust, Orion Jackson drove himself into me.  
    The cry which broke from my lips was automatic.  Orio n was right; it did hurt.  As I opened my legs as wide as possible I was afraid he might be too much, that he wouldn’t fit inside of me.  
    At my first whimper Orion moved his mouth to my neck, kissing tenderly as he cradled me to his broad chest.  But he continued to thrust deeply and with increasing pressure.  His rhythm intensified and what was at first a sharp pain receded into a dull ache.   And

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