Laws of Love

Laws of Love by JT Schultz Read Free Book Online

Book: Laws of Love by JT Schultz Read Free Book Online
Authors: JT Schultz
help her do that and if it took all morning so be it.
    “List en, I’ll be there soon enough. Tell Dad to relax, and that I have an appointment this morning that I need to attend to.” With the push of a button he ended the call.
    Making Abby come is top priority.
    Tossing the phone down, he shifted on the bed so he could work his fingers. The tip of his forefinger glided gently over her clit and she bucked beneath his touch. Her free hand came up and grabbed his shoulder for support. His fingers continued their dance over her clit and he pushed the blue shirt open to expose her flat stomach and perky, round breasts. Sliding his tongue over her navel, he worked it up towards her breasts.
    “Marcie , I will be there soon, and as far as I’m concerned, JW Hunter can bite my ass.”
    He looked up wickedly. “I think that’s the only thing I—”
    Oh my god!
    A strange expression crossed Abby’s face and she stepped backward. Jack leaned against the headboard. His chest tightened and realization dawned on him like a clap of thunder. “Abby…as in Abigail Crosby.”
    “What?” She blinked then her eyes flew wide open. Her full lips parted as her expression shifted to horror.
    “J in JW stands for Ja ck.” He couldn’t believe this. No more than she could, apparently. She gasped, slammed the phone shut and dropped it as her hands lifted to her mouth. Traumatized, she looked completely traumatized.
    “Oh my God!”
    “Yeah! Oh my God is right.” Everything came into perspective: names, places, and the fact he had ruthlessly made love to the woman ruining his life. Shoving a hand through his hair, he glanced at her and his stomach started to ache. “This gives a whole new meaning to sleeping with the enemy.”
    Her pretty face crumpled , her shoulders heaved beneath his blue dress shirt, and her hands covered her face as she burst into tears.
    How could I be so stupid!
    Devastation and frustration with herself overwhelmed Abby. How could she have done this? How could she have fallen into bed, not once, but twice with a man whose last name she didn’t even know?
    Jack was incredible and she like the way he made her feel—special . Spending hours with him talking, sharing meals, and even the sex was like nothing she’d ever known. She didn’t fall into bed with men like she had with him, and she never had feelings so quickly for one. She didn’t do a lot of things—until Jack. Now, she could add compromise a case to the list of things she had done.
    Another sob left her and she looked up over her fingertips. Jack had moved off the bed and had pulled on his boxer shorts. He most likely wanted his shirt. With the back of her hand she wiped the tears away. She could handle this—maybe.
    H is expression revealed nothing and had become completely blank. He stepped closer and she tried not to notice what an amazing body he had, or acknowledge how much he had affected her. Again, she covered her face and swallowed back another sob. Why, out of all the men in the world, did she have to stumble into a relationship with the man behind the lawsuit that was intent on destroying her old neighborhood?
    She waited for his anger; but it never came.
    A s trong arm wrapped around her waist and the other stroked her hair. “I’m so sorry, Abby. This wasn’t supposed to happen.” His features wore a grave expression. “This—us—felt right. For it to turn out like this...”
    Abby wanted to pretend that she hadn’t slept with the man she would be facing in court. She wanted to pretend that she didn’t care and that he was no big deal. Jack was a big deal, though. She buried her face against his smooth, strong chest. This was unethical to her clients and completely unfair to her heart. Sniffling, she lifted her head, stepped out of his arms and looked into his eyes.
    G rief squeezed her heart. “We can’t do this.”
    His brows furrowed. “Drop the case; don’t quit us.”
    “I can’t do that.” Her voice

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