Legally Bound 2: Against The Law

Legally Bound 2: Against The Law by Blue Saffire Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Legally Bound 2: Against The Law by Blue Saffire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Blue Saffire
looked up into Marcus’s eyes and said.
    He just nodded turning for the way she pointed out. Marcus stopped after a few steps and turned back. “Jas, you need a ride?”
    “No, I want to stay here. I’ll ride back with Nate,” Jasper scowled.
    Marcus walked the girls back up the hill where they had left the cars. They had been sitting for at least an hour watching the girls with surveillance equipment. They were going to leave just before Marcus noticed Rita walking off with that punk.
    His gut told him something was wrong. They’d moved in closer and when the two cowards came running back to the party looking like they were being chased by the hounds of hell Marcus took off running without taking a second thought.
    Marie climbed into the back seat of the car, and Rita waited to follow. Marcus caught her by her arm and turned her to face him. He searched her face not knowing what he was looking for.
    Rita reached up and touched his face as she stared into his grey eyes. “I’m alright,” she murmured.
    Marcus shook his head to clear it before he did something stupid. The knowledge that she was only covered by his dress shirt was enough to fog his brain. She didn’t need that right now; she needed to feel safe. He pressed his lips to her forehead in what would look like an innocent gesture to anyone else but was a reassuring one for his girl.
    A smile tugged at her lips, and she turned to slide into the back seat with Marie.
    “Don’t tell dad what happened tonight until Bobby gets things sorted out,” Marcus said to Marie as he walked her to the door.
    “What were you guys doing there in the first place,” Marie asked and narrowed her eyes at her brother.
    “I had, um, Nate had a feeling about Rita’s date,” Marcus murmured.
    “Well, this once I’m glad you guys were around. You all didn’t have to beat them up like that but,” Marie shrugged. “I guess they deserved it.”
    Marcus furrowed his brows at his sister. Then it dawned on him that she wouldn’t think that Rita could handle those guys on her own like that. He’d been impressed to see Rita’s handy work himself. Marcus chuckled and ran a hand over Marie’s hair.
    “They got exactly what they deserved,” Marcus smiled.
    “Good night Marc,” Marie beamed.
    “Night brat,” Marcus said and kissed his sister’s forehead.
    Marcus was still chuckling when he got in the car. He put the car in gear and started out of his parent’s driveway. The scent of her perfume was the first thing to engulf him.
    “I don’t want to go home yet,” Rita said from the back seat as she sat on its edge and placed her face against the side of the driver’s seat.
    “We need to talk. I wasn’t planning on taking you home yet,” Marcus said over his shoulder.
    Rita smiled and fell back against her seat. She brought the collar of his dress shirt to her nose and inhaled. It smelled just like him, delicious, a combination of musk, vanilla and something she couldn’t put her finger on.
    Her smile broadened as she watched the muscles in his arm work as he drove. His t-shirt strained against his muscles causing her to lick her lips. Marcus Mairettie has only gotten sexier with time.
    Rita started to panic when the car became too silent. At first, she thought Marcus wanted to talk about them being together. Now it was setting in that he may want to tell her that his words were a mistake.
    When they pulled up to the old Mairettie lake house, Rita suddenly felt really nervous. If he broke her heart here tonight, it would be a long and embarrassing ride back home. She wouldn’t be able to face him ever again.
    Marcus had no idea what he was doing. He knew he needed to talk to Rita. She couldn’t go around putting herself in situations like tonight just to get his attention. He had to let her know how he felt and make sure she understood.
    He just hadn’t known where the best place to have this conversation would be. He didn’t want to risk one of his

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