Lila's Wolf (Out of Time Book 1)

Lila's Wolf (Out of Time Book 1) by Sofia Grey Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Lila's Wolf (Out of Time Book 1) by Sofia Grey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sofia Grey
Tags: time travel romance
Jared, and if she perceives you as a threat. If not, we follow my plan.”
    “And if I am a threat?” It came out as a whisper, and Marc’s hand tightened around my own.
    “Then we leave as soon as possible. Bribe whomever we need to for horses and get the hell out of here.”
    “Without Jared?”
    “We don’t have many options, Lila. Snatching him and making a run for it would be tantamount to suicide.”
    I took a deep breath and ran a trembling hand across my hair. I couldn’t shake the mental image of Rowena’s cruel smile when she’d dispatched Jared to the cellar.
    “I need to ask you something.” Marc’s tone was quiet, and my stomach churned. I lifted my head and met his gaze, seeing his serious expression, a trace of anxiety in his dark eyes. The corners of his mouth quirked up a fraction, but he still looked worried. “I wondered about your feelings for Jared.”
    “My feelings ?” Gods , what could I say? My heart raced, and I tried to find the right words. Nothing came out, and the silence grew, hopeless, but explaining so much without the need for words.
    “I thought so.” Marc’s voice was soft “And I guess it will be hard for you to see him in the penal colony?”
    I found my voice. “Would he still be sentenced? He’s a slave here, for God’s sake.”
    “He would still have to serve time. It may be reduced by a couple of years, but you know they like to make examples of runaways. It’s a deterrent, and a very effective one.”
    Tears pressed at the back of my eyes. I couldn’t leave Jared here, but what kind of future awaited him at home? My thirst for revenge had muted to a dull ache the minute I’d realized his appalling situation.
    “There may be another way. You know that ghardians are allowed to propose their own partners. And I would like to propose for you, Lila.” I stared at Marc, speechless, as he slowly raised my hand to his mouth and pressed a warm kiss onto my knuckles. “If we’re in a committed relationship, we could petition for Jared’s sentence to be reduced. It would be a stronger argument.”
    His eyes searched my face and now I saw how anxious he was. Tight lines bracketed his mouth, his eyes darkened and his breathing became erratic. I licked my lips, my mind running in circles as I tried to process his suggestion. A commitment? To Marc?
    “I don’t know what to say,” I whispered. “I never imagined you…me…together.”
    “You don’t have to say anything now. Just promise me you’ll think about it.” He kissed my hand again. “You know how much I respect you. We’d make a good pairing. And in time,” he broke off and swallowed hard, and then reached out to take my other hand. “In time, we may want to explore a more intimate relationship.” His words hung in the air.
    “You’re a ghardian . You know better than most that…well…people don’t do that…” My panicked words faded away when Marc lifted my hands to his lips again. I remembered his soft kiss against my hair and the way he’d held me in the cart. He cared for me, more than I’d guessed. More than anyone would have guessed.
    “Just because that’s the norm, doesn’t mean it’s right. Please, Lila, just think about it.” I nodded, unable to drag my eyes away. He sucked in a quick breath. “You’d have a better chance of visiting him, too.” A crooked smile emerged. “Being committed to a ghardian would give you a lot of advantages in society.”
    “But…what about you?”
    “Me?” He sounded surprised. “I like to think if you’re capable of having feelings for him , you may one day develop them for me . I’m willing to take that chance.”

Chapter Seventeen
    Jared made himself ignore the rats and cockroaches that scuttled past him in the dark, and he tried to sleep. Sleep would help him ignore his empty stomach, but it continued to elude him. It felt like hours later when he heard a noise at the door and saw a sliver of weak light. The door

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