Lindsey's Wolves

Lindsey's Wolves by Becca Jameson Read Free Book Online

Book: Lindsey's Wolves by Becca Jameson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Becca Jameson
across the center island, reaching across for the tall glass of ice water.
    Instead of drinking it, she held the glass against her forehead and began to roll it back and forth across her face and even down to her neck. “It’s happening so fast. These … feelings. You know better than anyone how difficult this is for me. Do you think I’m ready? Can I have an actual normal relationship, without clamming up and ruining it with my inability to fend off the demons of my past?”
    “Leave those damn demons right where they are, in the past. You know intellectually that crazy church and crazier pastor brainwashed you into believing so many inaccuracies. Put it into practice. Let your heart decide for itself.”
    “If I didn’t know better, I’d sleep with him right now, tonight, like some kind of slut. That’s what my heart is telling me. Or maybe that’s my libido talking.”
    “You’re not a slut, Lin. Just relax. Go with the feelings. When it’s right, it just is. And, honey, I can tell by looking this is just perfect.”
    “I barely know him.” Lindsey moaned and laid her head on the counter. Maybe the granite surface would cool her burning cheeks. She doubted it would do anything for the burn between her thighs, but it was a start. “Pour that water over my head, would you?” she mumbled against the island.
    Lindsey ignored her joke. “I knew immediately when I met Justin, and almost as fast with Trevor, and that was the next evening for heaven’s sake. My world spun on its axis so fast it seemed like a merry go round I would surely be flung off at any moment. But I wasn’t. Both men held on, and now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”
    Lin lifted her head a few inches and peered up at her friend. “It hasn’t eased up any? Your … desire for both of them?”
    “And they are okay with this? No hard feelings on their part? No fighting, arguing about who gets you first, or whatever?”
    “Not a bit.” Kara bit her lip, but she didn’t laugh. “Mind you, they had been sharing women for many years before I came along. This wasn’t new to them. The only difference is they both fell in love this time, and naturally there won’t be any more women.”
    “Aren’t you … tired?” She sat up, scrunching her face in a grimace as she stared at Kara.
    This time a chuckle did escape. “Not like you mean.”
    “Don’t take this wrong, but you look exhausted. Under your Wonder Woman exterior. I know you better.”
    “Well … maybe a little, but not for the reasons you’re thinking.”
    “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” Might as well pull the elephant all the way into the room.
    Kara gasped. “You can tell?”
    “You are! I knew it. Of course. We’ve been friends for years, and I’ve never seen this look on you, even after you decided to live this lifestyle. You’re positively glowing. It’s doing a good job of hiding the exhaustion. You need to slow down. Take it easier. What do you do all day anyway? I mean besides bake cookies and redecorate living spaces?” she teased.
    “Hardy har har. Aren’t you the jokester. I actually work around here too, you know. At least as much as these apes let me. Now that I’m pregnant, they’re crowding in on me a bit more. Starting to demand I slow down.”
    “Crowding in more ? How is that possible? They are practically inside you as it is, pun intended.”
    “Oh, just keep them rollin’, why don’t you.” Kara jumped when the back door suddenly opened, the screen squeaking on its hinges.
    The man who entered looked like a near replica of Justin, same dark wavy hair hanging across his forehead, same dark eyes, same build. Did Justin have a twin? She didn’t remember ever being told that.
    “Ryan. What a surprise,” Kara gushed. “Come in. Have you met my friend Lindsey?” She turned her gaze toward Lindsey as she spoke with a sweeping motion of her hand.
    Whoever this Justin clone was, he had stopped only two feet

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