Line of Fire

Line of Fire by Franklin W. Dixon Read Free Book Online

Book: Line of Fire by Franklin W. Dixon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Franklin W. Dixon
him from across the street there."
    Joe coasted to a stop at the end of the lot. Denny's car was still in sight, stopped at the entrance gate. "The mystery is solved," Joe said, as he read the sign by the gate. "So this is the new home of Crowell Chemicals."
    "According to the reports, it's one of the safest plants in the country," Frank said.
    "Crowell must be awfully proud about it."
    "Or awfully guilty about the last one," Frank added.
    "Well, it doesn't look as though Denny's going to get a guided tour," Joe said as he watched.
    Across the street, the gates were still closed in front of Denny's car. A security man in a brown uniform was shaking his head and pointing at something on his clipboard.
    "Guess he's not on the welcome list," Frank said.
    Finally Denny gave up arguing and climbed a long drive for a short visit." Joe started the van, watched the traffic, then pulled out smoothly behind Denny's car.
    He held the van's speed down, letting Denny take a big lead, which was lucky. From out of another gate in the industrial complex roared a large dark green car, which slid in right behind Denny.
    "The plot thickens," said Joe. "You think Denny's got himself another tail?"
    "Well, it makes a change from the usual big black car," Frank said, joking. "Let's see what happens."
    The car stayed almost on Denny's rear bumper. When he switched lanes, it pulled in right behind him. When Denny speeded up, so did the green car. When he slowed down, the new shadow didn't take the chance to pass.
    "Get over in the fast lane," Frank said. "We'll pass both of them. I want a look at the driver of the green monster."
    As Joe sped up, Frank headed to the rear of the van. He stood by the back window, positioning himself so he could see without being seen.
    They were just passing the green car, and Frank had a clear view of the driver.
    It was George.
    "Well, well," said Frank. "It must be the butler's day off."
    They passed Denny, and Frank went back up front. Joe was constantly glancing in the rear-view mirrors, keeping his targets in sight. "This is the hardest way to tail somebody," he said. "I hope they give us some notice if they decide to turn off."
    Frank scanned the road before them. "Get behind that old station wagon ahead there. He's moving slowly enough to let them get past you again."
    They drove almost to Bayport, Denny in the lead, Joe drawing near, then dropping back, and George carefully staying on Denny's tail. Together they got off the county road and drove up to a major intersection. Denny slid to a stop as the traffic light turned red. Then he roared across, running the light.
    George never even had a chance to start. The cross traffic cut him off.
    And for the Hardys, two cars back, pursuit was impossible.
    "I told you we should have a helicopter rig for times like this," Joe said.
    "It would make us too noticeable," Frank answered. "Besides, we haven't lost him yet."
    "Oh, no?" Joe asked. "Well, that was the sweetest imitation escapes I've ever seen."
    Frank grinned. "Stop thinking like a detective for a second and think like a real person. This is Clarendon Avenue. Who lives around here?"
    The light changed, and Joe shot a look at his brother. "Barbara Lynch."
    As George went roaring off in the direction Denny had taken, Frank and Joe headed straight for Barbara's house. A couple of minutes after they took a position on the corner, Denny's car pulled up. Barbara came running from her door, and the chase was on again.
    For the rest of the day, the Hardys followed Denny and Barbara all over Bayport as they visited house after house. The same pattern repeated itself at each house. Denny's car would stop outside, Denny and Barbara would go in. A few minutes later they'd come back out, looking unhappy. Denny would make a mark on a piece of paper, and they'd be off again.
    Inside the van, Frank was busy noting each address that Denny stopped at. After he'd collected a page full of addresses, he used the mobile phone to

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