Love Forever After (Candle Light Series)

Love Forever After (Candle Light Series) by Christina Ow Read Free Book Online

Book: Love Forever After (Candle Light Series) by Christina Ow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christina Ow
came from the door, momentarily pulling our attention. He walked towards us with an amused look on his face.
    My elder brother was well built and had more charisma than I did. He was wild and very sociable. He loved travelling especially to the most remote and exotic places in the world where man hadn’t destroyed its natural habitat. Kristy had loved it when he took her along to one of his adventures but she came back complaining about the different women who went in and out of their villa every night. He was handsome and possessed a striking resemblance to our father. I on the other hand took more after our mother. I always thought that was why my mother tolerated Ronald more, he reminded her of her husband- that and the fact she was still trying to convince him to make a full commitment to the company as the eldest of the Stanford sons.
    “I’m just finding that out myself.” I kept my eyes fixed on my mother, struggling to keep my temper in check.
    “Did mother bring you here? How did she manage that, or did she lock you in the cargo hold with her luggage?”
    “That’s very funny Ronald.” Gloria scolded, “I raised you to be a gentleman. You don’t start a conversation without a proper greeting.”
    “My apologies,” he kissed her cheek, “it’s all out of love mother.”
    “Which immoral country have you just arrived from that taught you jeering at your mother is a sign of love?”
    “I was in Bali, beautiful place. You should go there sometime William, relax and unwind.”
    I backed up, taking a few steps away from the table. “How about I leave right now?”
    “You are not going anywhere William! Tomorrow you are going to see Dr. Ashford.”
    Ronald stared at me amused, “You willingly followed her here so that she can lock you up in a loony bin? Don’t they have those in America?”
    I stood next to my laughing brother and dug my hands in my pockets feeling exhausted and annoyed. “They weren’t proper enough for her liking.”
    Gloria rose from her chair in a huff. “You think that’s funny? Well Ronald this should tickle you some. Your brother is talking to his dead wife Christina.” Ronald’s laughter died as he turned to stare back at me. “Not so amusing anymore is it?” She walked into the house and left an astound Ronald still gaping at me.
    I sat down feeling resigned, waiting for Ronald to officially add himself onto the list of people who thought I was losing my mind.
    Ronald sat down, his eyes still fixed on me, “You are seeing Kristy?”
    “Yes” I whispered. I kept my eyes fixed on the table avoiding Ron’s.
    “How long has it been since she died and since you started seeing her?”
    “Four months since she died. Three since I started seeing her.”
    Ronald was quiet for a moment before he spoke, “Do you believe she’s alive?” His voice was softer, more understanding.
    “I don’t know. She feels so real. I believed she was for a couple of weeks until it came out while I was talking to John. He told Sandra and Morris and it became this whole insane mess to the point I was placed on compulsory leave by John.
    Frustrated, I wracked my hand through my hair tagging at it hard. “Kristy and I talked and laughed like we used to as if she never left. Maybe I am going crazy.”
    “How did mother find out about it? I doubt any of your in-laws told her.” There was chuckle in his voice.
    Kristy used to take my mother head on, while Morris and Sandra avoided her as much as they could. They said she frightened them, and they were right. Mother does frighten a lot of people she meets. She was demanding, blunt and very opinionated. She would criticise everything she felt didn’t suit her taste.
    “She paid me a surprise visit and caught me...watching telly with her.” I felt embarrassed saying it, as much as I did when mother walked in on me.
    “With Kristy?”
    I nodded.
    He let out a loud breath, “For some reason, that doesn’t shock me, as much as it should. She

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