Love is Just a Moment
themselves, or almost to themselves, all the way back to Palermo. They took to the backseats, as far from the driver as they could get, so that the two of them could be alone completely in each other’s company. Rebecca didn’t know what would happen next. She’d reserved a single bed at the hostel in Palermo but if Piero could not find one for himself then it would still be no concern. They would wander the night streets of the city together if needs be, watch the hot, forgiving Sicilian sun as it rose up at dawn and bathed the world in the light of the new day. Piero had nothing to leave behind here and back in Naples she did not either have much for them to wait for. But now she had him and he had her and wherever they went from now on they would have all they could ever need.
    They sat at the back of the bus in darkness as it bounced and rumbled over the bumps on the road, Piero caressing her side with one hand, while with the other he toyed gently with her hair, whispering closely in her ear about the sights and sounds hidden in the darkness outside. The heat of his breath on her ear and the poetry of his words imbued her and she thought for a moment about how she had climbed these same hills only hours earlier, how she had found exactly what she’d been looking for at the top of the mountain and how even then she couldn’t have imagined just what that would be. Now they were together and for the first time in her life she felt strong, she felt whole—she felt complete. This was life and at last she was ready to live it.

    Romeo of the Streets
    A new adult romance/Mafia crime thriller novel by Taylor Hill
    (Free Sample)
    You can’t run from who you are…
    Sandy Guilianno is just like any average girl—a committed student, a hard-working barista and the only stable presence in the life of her wayward brother and aging, hospitalized mother—and now that she’s escaped the rough Italian American neighborhood she grew up in for college, she feels certain she can finally leave the past behind and get on with her life. But the past has a way of repeating itself.
    When Sandy’s brother Lou gets involved with the local Mafia, Sandy is torn between wanting to escape the forces that dominated their early life and the desire to protect him--and the fact that he’s started dating her best friend only makes it more complicated. But when Sandy meets Lou’s new partner in crime, the brooding, mysterious Romeo Mancini, she finds herself inexplicably drawn closer to the heart of their criminal underworld…
    Romeo Mancini is not what he seems. Fresh out of New York and working with the Chicago FBI, the young undercover cop has escaped his own troubled past, only to find himself embroiled in more danger and deceit than anyone should bear. He keeps his head down and stays focused on his goal, but he wasn’t counting on Sandy Guilianno…
    From the moment they meet, a spark is lit. Mutual desire and attraction grow into something neither can repress and now everything they’ve worked for in their separate lives is at risk. And the forces of darkness are already closing in.

    Published by Choco Lune Imprint 2014
    Copyright Taylor Hill © 2014
    This sample of Romeo of the Streets is for example purposes only and may not be copied, shared or re-sold without prior written permission from the author or publisher. To buy the full book in .mobi format visit Amazon, or to request the .epub edition email the author at [email protected]
    All rights reserved.

    Chapter One: My Double Date from Hell
    Field Report: Eden Nightclub 15:45—SALVATORE
    Chapter Two: My Whole World Implodes
    Field Report: The Streets 23:25—ROMEO
    Chapter Three: My Ultimatum
    Field Report: Angel Station 23:40—FERRET & EYEBALL
    Chapter Four: My Time Apart
    Field Report: FBI Headquarters 10:15—ROMEO
    Chapter Five: My Treacherous Libido

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