Love Over Envy: BWWM Pregnancy Romance Novel

Love Over Envy: BWWM Pregnancy Romance Novel by Jamila Jasper Read Free Book Online

Book: Love Over Envy: BWWM Pregnancy Romance Novel by Jamila Jasper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jamila Jasper
wealthy. What was stopping her from making the first move?
    Nathalie egged her on, “And then what would you do if he didn’t call back?”
    “I… I guess I’d move on,” Genevieve answered. Just from that simple exercise, she was more empowered to call Sam.
    “See? You can already handle it. You can’t just wait for your white knight anymore Genevieve. Times have changed,” Nathalie warned.
    Genevieve knew she would do well to heed Nathalie’s warning. If she didn’t take action, she could miss out on an opportunity with a successful guy who she clicked with. Opportunities like that didn’t come raining down from the sky.
    Genevieve and Nathalie said their goodbyes as Nathalie returned to wrangling her son. When they hung up, Genevieve worked up the courage to call Sam. She couldn’t stop thinking about his smell when they’d danced together. The way he’d twirled her around the dancefloor had been passionate and precise. He had moved like a professional and Genevieve had to admit she had found him sexy even if he was rough around the edges. Strange. Genevieve had never felt so simultaneously drawn to someone and repulsed by them. She kept thinking about the way he had punched another man in the face for her honor. Sam had driven her home and actually kept his promise not to try any funny business. The man was more than he appeared…
    Genevieve knew if she didn’t do it now, she’d never do it. She took a chance and picked up her phone to call Sam Andover.
    “Hey… Sam… It’s me… Genevieve,” she began.
    Genevieve had caught Sam at the worst possible time. He was juggling three different tasks at work and his assistant just walked in with a look on her face that said, “Things are about to get even crazier.” Sam couldn’t even remember who she was at first.
    “Yes… Genevieve… Remind me of how I know you,” Sam said.
    Genevieve was shocked. I feel like such an idiot! She thought to herself. Here she was thinking that Sam had actually clicked with her, but he didn’t even remember her name. Maybe she was right about him after all and he saw her as a just another potential notch on his belt. Their flirting and his kindness hadn’t been special at all. But Genevieve was already in deep into this phone call.
    “We met at the salsa club the other night… You drove me home,” Genevieve replied. From her tone, Sam realized that he had messed up. Badly. Once Genevieve said it, he knew exactly how they knew each other. He was just having trouble recognizing her because of her voice over the phone. She sounded completely different. But Sam knew that she was the gorgeous black woman he had helped out the night before. The moment he remembered who she was, Sam wished he was better at remembering names. His assistant folded her arms in anger. She didn’t want to wait a second longer for Sam’s time.
    “Um… Yeah. I remember you. Sure. Genevieve. Let’s see… You want to go out some time?” Sam answered.
    Sam’s assistant was now glaring at him. He hoped that Genevieve would just accept his offer to go out on a date. What the hell? Genevieve thought to herself. To Genevieve, it sounded like Sam was throwing out a pity date. But it somehow felt rude to say no even if that were the case.
    “Sure… I’d like that,” Genevieve replied awkwardly.
    “Okay. I’ll be at your place around eight o’clock,” Sam said. He hung up.
    Genevieve was left wondering what the hell was going on. Throughout the entire phone call she had been getting mixed signals from Sam. He asked her out, but the way he asked her out had been very… strange. He seemed distracted and he didn’t even remember her name! Genevieve wasn’t even sure he remembered who she was even if he said that he did.
    Once Sam hung up, he stared his assistant down back.
    “Yes Lily, what the hell is it,” Sam growled. Lily was well used to verbal sparring matches

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