Lust and Bound

Lust and Bound by W. Lynn Chantale Read Free Book Online

Book: Lust and Bound by W. Lynn Chantale Read Free Book Online
Authors: W. Lynn Chantale
frame cradled in his hands. She didn’t need to see the photo to know who’d captured his interest. She’d long since memorized the image, her mother’s perfect toffee complexion unmarred by blemishes and little make up. The short chin length bob she sported went well with her broad smile and oval face. In contrast her father’s much paler rugged face held a white scar from the corner of his left eye to the tip of his dimpled chin. The black yarmulke was nearly lost in the shock of curly auburn hair. What she wouldn’t give to spend just a minute more with them.
    “Will I ever get a chance to meet your parents?”
    A sad smile creased her lips. “No. They were killed in a car accident several years ago.”
    “I’m sorry to hear that.” He carefully set the picture back on the mantle. “You have your mother’s eyes.”
    “And my father’s hair.”
    Zach chuckled. “Very beautiful hair.” He moved to stand in front of her. “There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to experience all the pleasure your body has to offer.”
    She shivered at the heat in his gaze.
    “But first we’ll check out the vintage cars, grab a carriage ride and sample the rock candy.”
    “Rock candy?” She winged a brow.
    He grinned. “You’ve never had rock candy?”
    She shook her head.
    “Then it will be my pleasure to show you all the wonders of vintage candy.” He dropped a proprietary hand to the small of her back and ushered her out the door.

Chapter Four
    Trisha smiled and scanned the dense green vegetation as the scenery chugged by. She brushed the fine particles of soot from her bodice and adjusted her sunglasses as the train lurched forward before it resumed its slow rolling pace.
    “What are you smiling about?” Zach murmured close to her ear.
    She held a lock of hair from her face as she shifted in her seat. “We can all run faster than this train is moving.”
    His deep chuckle wrapped around her like warm fudge. “Yeah, I think I remember the guide mentioning that.” He rested his arm around her shoulders. “Did I do wrong?”
    “You did right. I’m having a really good time.” She snuggled closer, relishing the soft caress of his fingers on her skin. “The Model T’s are so fun. I never thought I’d ever get to ride in one.”
    She leaned her head on his shoulder, a contented sigh easing from her lips. As she watched the lush trees give way to weathered buildings, the back coupling of a train car was visible through the large double doors of a barn. The clang of metal against metal filled the air along with the faint scent of manure.
    Her ex-husband Gordy never would’ve brought her to see a village frozen in time. He never would’ve taken her dancing either, preferring to keep those moves to himself if he remembered her at all.
    Everything Zach was doing was a much welcomed change and he still hadn’t revealed all of what he’d planned for the weekend.
    “How concerned should I be about your injector pen?” The worry in his voice broke through her thoughts.
    “It’s been about five years since I’ve had to use one, but whenever I’m outdoors I like to be prepared.” She straightened and tugged the stainless steel chain from the bodice of her dress. The small charm held deep etching on one side and an elongated ‘x’ with a snake twined around a staff in the middle. “Bees. I was stung once as a kid and was fine. When I graduated high school I got stung and had to be rushed to the hospital. Since then I’ve carried an epi-pen.”
    “That must have been scary.”
    “Not as scary as stepping on a hive. If I hadn’t had the pen, I wouldn’t be here now.” She tucked the charm back in her dress and noticed Zach watching her. A flush crept into her cheeks.
    “I like when you do that.”
    “Do what?”
    He stroked her cheek. “Blush.”
    She inclined her head. The train lurched and tossed her forward. Zach wrapped his arms around her and dragged her against

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