magical cures 06.5 - a charming christmas

magical cures 06.5 - a charming christmas by tonya kappes Read Free Book Online

Book: magical cures 06.5 - a charming christmas by tonya kappes Read Free Book Online
Authors: tonya kappes
hot apple cider.” Our eyes dropped to the snow covered ground when one of her jingle bells fell off her hat. She reached down and grabbed it. “This hat was so expensive, you’d think these damn bells would stay on. I got it at Nordstrom’s.” She shook her fist with the jingle bell inside of it. “They are going to get a piece of my mind.”
    Amethyst jaw tensed, doing her best to ignore the woman.
    “By the looks of things, it looks like we might be here another night.” She stuck her hand out. “Tiffany Rossen.”
    “Tiffany,” I gave one big handshake up and then down. “June Heal. Nice to meet you. Well, know your name.” She winked.
    Tiffany turned her nose up at Amethyst before she leaned into me. She whispered, “Please tell me there is another motel around here.”
    “I’m sure,” I put my hand on Amethyst’s arm, “Full Moon Treesort has been amazing to stay at. I love how the rooms are actual tree houses. Plus Amethyst has the best dinners.”
    “Actually I was making homemade vegetable soup for the guests. It’s very cozy for snowy days.” Amethyst rubbed her hands together. She smiled with pride.
    “Are you using organic vegetables?” Tiffany planted her hand on her chest. “Burt and I only eat organic.”
    “I’m sure Full Moon has the freshest and best vegetables around,” I assured her and made a mental note to have Amethyst go see Eloise because I knew Eloise had plenty of organic herbs and veggies.
    “I. . .” Amethyst began to protest, but I stopped her.
    “Eloise said to be sure to stop by because she’s afraid the snowfall might hurt her crop.” I lied, but she knew I gave her an out with Tiffany.
    “Toodles.” Tiffany gave us spirit fingers before plowing her way back in the direction she had come from.
    Amethyst muttered a few choice words that weren’t in the spirit of the Christmas Bazaar.
    “What is happening?” Constance and Patience walked up behind us. Both of them rubber-necking around the other trying to see what was going on. “Arabella doesn’t look happy.
    Silence fell around us. We all wanted to hear what was being said between Arabella and Colton. Arabella’s face contorted in all forms of anger while Colton tried to temper the situation by whispering.
    “I’m not going to let some thief ruin the bazaar!” Arabella’s face was as red as fire. Her long hair was braided, but sticking out like Pippi Longstocking with ornaments dangling from it. She was definitely taking the bazaar to an entirely new level.
    She picked up one of the stomped-on flowers the thief had walked over and brought it right back to life. She could bring the life back to any type of greenery.
    Colton coughed in his gloves, trying to diffuse the situation.
    “And the good citizens of Whispering Falls won’t stand for this!” she protested, getting louder. “I call for an emergency meeting of the Village Council. I’m putting on the table the situation with you and Officer Park! This is what happens when you cut the budget to keep our village safe!” She pumped her fists in the air. “I’ll have picket signs by the end of the day for anyone who wants to protest in front of the police station tonight! Save Whispering Falls from the Grinch!”
    “Save Whispering Falls from the Grinch!” Patience Karima giggled double fisting the air, knocking her antler headband off her head.
    I bent down and picked it up for her.
    “Oh, no. Your bell fell off.” I brushed the snow with my foot looking for her missing jingle bell.
    Patience’s eyes teared, her mouth turned down.
    “Don’t worry.” I patted her on the hand. “We can fix it for you.”
    Patience was so good hearted. Her habit of repeating might drive a few people crazy, but it was her quirk and I embraced it.
    “Thank you.” She handed me the antlers and I stuck them in my bag. I would make sure it was sewn back on before Constance came to pick up a mojo bag.
    Madame Torres glowed green from the bottom.
    “Come by

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