Maiden Flight

Maiden Flight by Bianca D'Arc Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Maiden Flight by Bianca D'Arc Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bianca D'Arc
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary, Adult, dragons knights menage a tois
we have Kel to help us warm it again, if we ask him nicely. A hot soak in the mineral water and a little dragon magic will put you right again in no time.”
    “Dragon magic?” She turned to watch the large dragon. He craned his neck out of the sand and up on the warm stone floor so that his great head rested only a few scant feet away from the bathing tub. His jewel like eyes settled on her unflinchingly. It was slightly unnerving.
    Didn’t your mother tell you that a dragon’s breath and touch has healing properties? I will gladly expend my energies to soothe your torn flesh if it means I can share in your pleasure again like this afternoon. I have never felt the like.
    “You… you felt that?” Belora blushed to the roots of her hair, looking from dragon to knight and back again for some explanation.
    We bond closely with our knights. We’re always present in each other’s minds. We each feel what the other feels. It’s our greatest strength and perhaps also our main weakness, but it is the way of things. When you joined with Gareth, I felt the echo of his pleasure and your own. His wide mouth opened in a toothy grin. It was marvelous.

    Embarrassed beyond belief, Belora didn’t know what to think.
    “Don’t worry, sweet.” Gareth took her in his arms as the tub filled behind him. There was a small stool just to the side at the foot of the tub and he led her to it. “It’s the way of things for knights and their dragon partners. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”
    “I… I just didn’t realize.”
    “I know.” Gareth soothed her with his hands, undoing buttons as he stroked her shoulders and arms. “And I would have told you sooner, but we’ve been a bit busy today.”
    She chuckled. “To say the least.”
    “Now, how about that hot bath?” He reached out to close the water trap.
    “Kel, will you do the honors?”
    Gladly. Breathing deeply, the dragon aimed a wonderfully warm exhalation of hot air at the full tub, heating the chamber and the water as easy as that. He returned his head to its reclining position at the foot of the tub, watching the humans lazily.
    “Is he going to watch? I can’t… um… take off my clothes in front of him.”
    She blushed again, unreasonable bashfulness taking over her mind.
    Why not? You are a beautiful woman, but even if you weren’t, I’m a dragon. Not human.
    Your modesty is misplaced. I’ll feel everything Gareth feels, even know what you’re feeling through my link with you both. I couldn’t be any more present if I were human and could fuck you myself. She gasped, but he forged ahead. Won’t you let me enjoy what little pleasure I can gain from this? Until Gareth mates, I cannot claim my own dragoness. It’s strictly forbidden, and for good reason.
    “Is that true?”
    Gareth nodded. “Just as he feels my passion, I’ll feel his. Dragon mating is, from what I’ve been told, overpowering to humans. Unless I have a mate to be with during his mating flights, it would drive me mad. Even among mates, sometimes the humans get into a frenzy that can be dangerous.”
    “Oh, my.” She turned compassionate eyes to the dragon lolling in the huge archway. “So you’ve never…”
    He stirred himself to shake his head sadly. Until Gareth mates, I cannot.
    Belora walked slowly over to the dragon, feeling both sets of male eyes trained on her as she moved unexpectedly. She knelt down by Kel’s massive head and leaned forward to kiss the ridge just between his eyes.
    “You are a good and noble creature, Sir Kelvan. I’m sorry to have doubted you.”
    With a nod, she stood and removed all her clothing, standing before the dragon as if for inspection as he sighed out a warm puff of air that tickled her.
    She laughed and turned toward Gareth, who had shed his own clothing. He reached for her, and together they tumbled into the warm bath, locked at the lips as if they hadn’t kissed in years rather than mere minutes.
    The water lulled her

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