Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography

Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography by Charles Moore Read Free Book Online

Book: Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography by Charles Moore Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charles Moore
Tags: Biography, Non-Fiction, Politics
Luce; Brian MacArthur; Sir Murdo Maclean; Sir Christopher Mallaby; the late Lord Marsh of Mannington; Mrs Jane Mayes; Lord Mayhew of Twysden; Lord McAlpine of WestGreen; Romilly, Lady McAlpine; Robert McFarlane; Edwin Meese; Sir Christopher Meyer; Sir Peter Middleton; Vice-President Walter Mondale; the late Sir Fergus Montgomery; Lord Moore of Lower Marsh; Richard Moose; Gwen Morgan; the late Max Morris; Bob Morris; the late Sir Charles Morrison; the Hon Sara Morrison; Robert Moss; Tony Motley; the late Dermot Nally; David Nicholson; Thomas Niles; Dr Edward Norman; Sir John Nott; Sean O’Callaghan; John O’Sullivan; Sir David Omand; Sir Michael Oppenheimer; Stanley Orman; Mrs Amy Ormond; Lord Owen; the late Henry Owen; Sir Michael Pakenham; the late Sir Michael Palliser; Lord Parkinson of Carnforth; Matthew Parris; the late Miss Jane Parsons; Sir Michael Partridge; Lord Patten; Lord Patten of Barnes; Sir Geoffrey Pattie; Michael Pattison; Gordon Pepper; Judy, Lady Percival; Richard Perle; Colin Peterson; Derek and Tessa Phillips; Richard Pipes; John Poindexter; Amanda Ponsonby; Michael Portillo; Lord Powell of Bayswater; General Colin Powell; Charles Price; the late Clive Priestley; Lord Prior; the late Stephen Probyn; the late Sir Michael Quinlan; the late Sir Timothy Raison; Nancy Reagan; the late Sir Gordon Reece; Thomas Reed; the late Lord Rees; the late Lord Rees-Mogg; Lord Renton of Mount Harry; the late Jim Rentschler; Lord Renwick of Clifton; William Rickett; Sir Adam Ridley; Sir Malcolm Rifkind; Mrs Betty Robbins; Roger Robinson; Peter Robinson; David Rockefeller; General Sir Michael Rose; Donald Rumsfeld; the late Lord Runcie; Lady Ryder of Wensum; Lord Ryder of Wensum; Lord Saatchi; Nick Sanders; Dr James Schlesinger; Sir Michael Scholar; Brent Scowcroft; Raymond Seitz; Sir Nigel Sheinwald; Rob Shepherd; the late Sir Alfred Sherman; George Shultz; the late Lord Simon of Glaisdale; Jeremy Sinclair; Fred Silvester (by correspondence); Walt Slocombe; Miss Lorna Smith (by correspondence); Geoffrey Smith; Sir John Sparrow; Mrs Betty Spice; the late Beryl Sprinkel; Sir John Stanley; Sir Kenneth Stowe; Norman Strauss; Edward Streator; Barry Strevens; Nick Stuart; William Taft IV; Sir Teddy Taylor; Lord Tebbit; Carol Thatcher; the late Sir Denis Thatcher; the late Lady Thatcher; Sir Mark Thatcher; Pamela Thomas; Harvey Thomas; Sir Derek Thomas; Lord Thomas of Swynnerton; Major-General Julian Thompson; James Thomson; the late John Tiplady; Ken Tisdell; Gregory Treverton; Lord Turnbull; Hubert Vedrine; Paul Volcker; Sir John Ure; Sir Robert Wade-Gery; Lady Wakeham; Lord Waldegrave of North Hill; Brian Walden; the late Lord Walker of Worcester; Sir Stephen Wall; the late Dr Kenneth Wallace; the late Sir Alan Walters; Sherry Warner; Sir Douglas Wass; the late Lord Weatherill; Marion Webb; Simon Webley; Shirley and Alan Wells; Sir John Weston; Sir Clive Whitmore; the late Mrs Margaret Wickstead; Philip Wilcox; David Willetts; the late Dr Richard Wirthlin; Paul Wolfowitz; Lord Wolfson; June Wood; Mrs Rita Wright; Lord Wright of Richmond; the late Sir Oliver Wright; Lord Young of Graffham; Dov Zakheim.
    A number of others were interviewed on the condition that they remain anonymous. For their help I am deeply grateful.
    Scores more have helped in other ways:
    – at Penguin Books, Richard Duguid and Rebecca Lee (editorial managers), Peter James (copy-editing), Christopher Phipps and Marian Aird (indexing), Stephen Ryan and Michael Page (proofreading), Ruth Pinkney, Taryn Jones and Rita Matos (production), Jim Stoddart (art direction), Lisa Simmons and Claire Mason (design), Donald Futers (assistant to Stuart Proffitt) and particularly Isabelle de Cat and Cecilia Mackay (picture research);
    – all those who have helped with research. Of these, after Daniel Collings, the one who has put in the most hours is Dr David Shiels, an expert on Northern Ireland. I also, in the early days, employed Matthew Slater and later, from time to

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