Marooned with a Millionaire

Marooned with a Millionaire by Kristi Gold Read Free Book Online

Book: Marooned with a Millionaire by Kristi Gold Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kristi Gold
    She scowled. “Not every guy who cuts hair for a living is gay.”
    â€œI didn’t mean that. I meant it seems kind of odd that you and he wouldn’t have…you know. Gotten together.”
    She glanced away. “It wouldn’t have worked. Ian has always been very fond of beautiful women. His newest girlfriend is a model. So you can see why I wouldn’t be his type.”
    Jack pondered that for a moment. Obviously she had little insight into her attractiveness, a basic beauty that went far beyond physical qualities, not that she was lacking in those either. Maybe she didn’t see herself as model material, but Jack sure as heck had noticed all her finer points, and she had more than a few.
    She was also full of surprises. Considering her iron will, he would never have guessed that she’d have a problem with being alone. Quite different from his attitude. “I’ve personally found that it’s not so badbeing by yourself. Fewer problems that way. No having to get used to another person’s habits.”
    â€œIan was the perfect roommate,” Lizzie said adamantly. “He was always there when I needed him.”
    â€œBut not anymore, huh?”
    â€œOh, he’ll always be there, just not in the same way. I’ll try to find a new roommate when I get home. Or I might wait until after the baby’s born.”
    â€œAnother guy?”
    â€œProbably. But until then, I’ll manage just fine.”
    â€œThen what’s the problem tonight?”
    She shrugged. “I guess it’s because this is a strange place. Strange sounds and stuff. I’ll feel more comfortable knowing you’re in the next room.”
    He’d only feel more comfortable with her in the next country, and his discomfort had centered itself below his belt. Right now it was all he could do not to touch her, kiss away her concern, make love to her until dawn. Maybe even after dawn.
    Why the hell he wanted to do all those things, Jack couldn’t say. He barely knew her. He had yet to spend twenty-four hours with her. And she was pregnant. But he had to admit that the moment he’d laid eyes on her, he’d wanted her in some crazy, elemental way.
    Lust, pure and simple, he tried to tell himself, even though he couldn’t recall the last time a woman had affected him so strongly. Admittedly he had desired a few women after only limited contact, but that had never gone beyond animal attraction.
    Lizzie was different. Lizzie was special. Lizziewas driving him to distraction and she probably would as long as she graced his boat.
    â€œYou are cold,” he said when he noticed her slight tremor.
    â€œYeah, it’s a bit chilly out here, especially when you don’t have on a whole lot of clothes.”
    He didn’t need to hear that, or think about it, but he did. In vivid detail. His sail suddenly went to full mast, and not the one on his boat. Even though she probably couldn’t see his current predicament, Jack turned his back to her. “I’ll be down in a few minutes. I promise.”
    â€œOkay. I’ll be fine until then. Just stick your head in the door and let me know that you’re back.”
    He’d like to do more than that. He’d like to climb into bed with her and warm her up with his hands and his mouth. “I’ll be sure to do that.” If only he could do more. He could, but he wouldn’t.
    Gripping the rail, Jack let out the breath he’d been holding when he heard the sound of footfalls heading away from him.
    â€œOne more thing, Captain.”
    So much for a return to normal respiration and slow deflation. “Yeah.”
    â€œYou have a really nice boat.”
    â€œAnd your butt’s not so bad, either.”
    â€œAhab, what is this?” Lizzie called from the head the next morning.
    No way was Jack going to make the same mistakeagain by walking in on her

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