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Book: Meet Me by Azure Boone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Azure Boone
I turned my face toward him, leaning back . “Fuck me. Please.”
    “I will. After I wash your hair.” He pulled me entirely against him and embraced me tight, his hands caressing both my breasts softly while he kissed my neck.
    Wash my hair? Was I dreaming?
    He turned with me and walked us toward the spray o f water . Staying attached to me , he helped wet my hair, his cock a delicious distraction between my butt cheeks. Not to mention his muscular torso pressing into my back. Felt so amazing.
    A minute later, I stood in awe with his gentleness. I’d never have guessed how erotic it might fe e l to have his fingers massaging my scalp . The constant friction from his thick cock nestled between my butt cheeks of course aided that effect. Also reminded me of what was soon to come. There were no words as he held me in the stream of spray and rinsed my hair. Wow, how romantic it was. I laid my head back against his chest and he finally turned me around and rinsed me that way.
    “God you’re breasts are beautiful.”
    I wanted to disagree but with that tormented tone of his, it was difficult . So convincing. As hard as it was to imagine he actually liked them, hope still took root. I’d been so sure my breasts could never be thought of as pretty in anyway, much less beautiful. Always one alphabet away from making the grade. I resented them .
    Morgan pulled me out of the stream and immediately began feasting on my nipple , his hands sliding up and down my not trim waist. But the sounds he made said I was perfection. I knew I wasn’t but if I was to him…that’s all I cared about.
    I ran my fingers through his short hair, clos ed my eyes and let go of my insecurities. Let my self believe I was what he seemed to think. My nails raked and I arched my back, pushing my breasts toward him.
    “Yes,” he gasped, moving to the other one and filling his mouth with it, a hand cupping and squeezing.
    I watched breathless how my nipple looked as he pulled away and swirled his tongue all over it. He stood to his full height and kissed me passionately. I vaguely realized he’d turned me and my back was against the shower wall again. “Put your leg on the tub.”
    Breathless, I lifted my left leg and placed it on the edge.
    “Hold on to me.” He placed a hand on the shower wall next to me then looked down and stroked his cock on my entrance . We watched as my full lips flared with his thick head as he r otated it slowly o ver my clit next . He gave a growl that promised lethal passion while my desperate moan already begged for mercy.
    He stared into my eyes while he continued to draw those circles over my throbbing bud . “Tell me Tasha. Tell me what you want. How you want it.” He rolled a nipple with his other hand.
    I strained on the pleasure, licking my lips. “Fuck me. Like this. Hard, please.” The bold words were weak.
    Morgan leaned in placed his lips just next to mine . His fingers left my breast and he lifted my leg higher. H e slid his cock from my clit to the deepest part of my pussy in one smooth move. I screamed at the shock of pleasure, my nails digging into muscle .
    His head went back with a growl while his cock throbbed several times deep inside me . He finally brought his gaze back to mine and I whimpered at the sight there . Get ready to scream a lot more. I swallowed, holding on tight to his neck, never more ready for anything.
    He gave me exactly what I asked for. Fast. And hard.
    My cries filled the bathroom as Morgan pound ed into me . Soon that place inside me seemed to fill up, like it would burst. “Oh God, oh God oh God,” I cried, feeling it coming .
    Morgan’s raspy breathing turned to strained groans right as my strange orgasm broke all over him.
    His own climax came and he roared , his head thrashing, those delicious muscles straining. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him, tasted the orgasm right on lips and tongue. His hand wrapped tight in my hair as he strained through the waves still

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