Meet Me

Meet Me by Azure Boone Read Free Book Online

Book: Meet Me by Azure Boone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Azure Boone
plundered my mouth, he sneakily removed my covering .
    I broke the kiss and gasped, covering my breasts, wishing I had two more hands for my atrocious gut. Oh my God, how could he like me ?
    I was too worried at his reaction to even speak, there was only staring and waiting for that look to register on his face. The oh , now I see why you hid e , look. His eyes refused to leave mine though. Again he came forward and I saw what would happen. I’d need to hold on to him. Shit.
    My back hit the shower wall and my arms remained locked in place. Breath erratic, I held his gaze . “Don’t look now, just…wait, like a month from now, after I work out?” That’s all it would take to be worthy of this god man before me .
    “Not a chance.” Hi s mouth came for mine and his fingers played over my pussy lips, stroking softly what was available between my clamped legs . H e forced my mouth open with his lips and made love to me with his tongue. I fought to keep my mind about me as his finger found my clit and moved in wide slow circles over it. Jesus, that was...unfair.
    “You’re mine now.” He rubbed his engorged cock against my belly , side to side with a groan. “Touch me Tasha,” he croaked.
    Like my body could care less about inhibitions, my right hand flew to capture the hot shaft in its embrace. He moaned right in my mouth, nipping my lip. He growled and deepened the kiss, desire laboring his breath as I stroked his length between us.
    He reached down and moved my hand to his balls. I moaned and cupped them and he pumped his hips, the head of his cock hitting my stomach. I c apture d his hard length in my other hand .
    Morgan groaned again and devoured my mouth with an overwhelming hunger, his tongue lashing over, under, and all around mine . He helped me make it feel good, squeezing my hand as I stroked him, moved my caress over his balls . H is groans were s o damn hot.
    He wrapped his hands around my wrists and pushed his leg into my pussy, pressing me against the wall. He raised my arms up and placed my hands on either side of my head. 
    Oh shit. Oh no.
    He kissed my forehead, then my nose, my lips , and locked gazes with me. I struggled to get free and he raised his brows and shook his head. “Mine.”
    “Morgan! Let go. Please.”
    He moved in to kiss my lips and I jerked right. He settled for my cheek. “Just one peek.” He moved to my earlobe and flicked with his tongue . I drew my shoulder up.
    “Don’t be angry,” he whispered. “I have to see you, I’m sorry. I’ve fantasized too long not to. How can you not know you’re beautiful?”
    He pulled away and I scrunched my eyes tight when I saw him looking at my breasts. “Please stop looking.”
    “So beautiful.” Hot breath on my nipple made me flinch. Then his entire mouth was sucking greedily.
    “So small,” I gasped.
    He moaned with his mouthful and finally pulled up , my breast smack ing from his lips. “So perfect.” He flicked the tip with his tongue then suddenly his mouth was on mine , making me dizzy. Morgan spun me around. Hands plastered on the wall, I tried to turn, but he held my waist tight. “I said I need to look at you.” The breathy whisper heated my entire body.
    “Morgan, please, don’t .”
    “What are you ashamed of?” His mouth still heated my ear and one hand cupped my ass. “ Surely not this.” His hand continued between my legs. “Open them.”
    I whimpered at the command and obeyed .
    “ Mmm .” H is finger dipped into my pussy, then slid up behind me . My breath caught when he stopped at my exit and administered sensual circles on it. “I love your ass.”
    Oh God. I hated it. “It’s… flabby .” Th e gasped words sounded silly now.
    He nibbled my ear and filled both his hands with my cheeks. “It’s soft. Like you.” He kneaded the flesh in his hands. “But I know how to work it out.”
    His cock nestled between my butt cheeks and I couldn’t keep from pushing against it. So warm and thick.

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