Mine to Take

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Book: Mine to Take by Alexa Kaye Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alexa Kaye
me. Like a fucking lightning bolt.
    I want more than a wife. More than a companion.
    I want a family. A reason to live.
    A part of both of us. Who I can love and guide. Who I can watch, with awe, as he or she takes their first step, goes to school the first day, gets their first job. Graduates from college.
    A part of both of us.
    But first things first.
    The minute we pull up to the house, I scoop my wife into my arms and carry her inside. She objects to being carted around like an infant, but I fucked up our first time making love. I'm not about to fuck up this.
    “Jace, I can walk,” she informs me, laughing as I tromp up the front steps.
    “I'm carrying you over the threshold, dammit,” I tell her when she starts wriggling in my arms. Her squirming is making my dick hard again. I doubt she's ready to make love again, so soon. She has to be sore. “Now, be still. Or you're going to regret it.”
    She stops wiggling instantly.
    I push through the front door and take her right to the bedroom. I set her on the bed.
    “Wait here.”
    Obedient but silently protesting, she flops onto her back.
    I head for the bathroom and crank on the bathtub. Then I return to my beautiful wife.
    She's waiting for me, with a glorious smile on her face.
    I don't know if I'll ever get used to that sight. It's more spectacular than any mountain view. More brilliant than the Northern Lights. More awe-inspiring than Denali.
    “You're a romantic,” she says. “I never expected that.”
    “Neither did I,” I admit. I sit beside her and slowly undress her, kissing every inch of skin I expose. She giggles when I kiss her ticklish stomach. And shivers with goose bumps when I nip the back of her neck. I find every sensitive spot on her body before I'm through.
    Once I have her undressed, I shuck my clothes. Then, ignoring her protests, I take her into my arms again and carry her to the bathroom. I climb in, holding her and sit, keeping her on my lap. My dick is harder than fucking granite again, but I won't take her yet. Not until she's had some time to recover.
    I lean forward and inhale deeply. Damn she smells good. I can't get that scent deep enough. I want it all over me. All over my bed. Our bed. Our house. Everywhere.
    I scoop some water into my cupped hand and pour it over her shoulder. She moans and I grit my teeth. My balls are going to explode. But there's nothing I can do about it right now.
    “This is nice,” she murmurs. She reclines back against me.
    Yep, I have to grit even harder. My teeth are going to shatter.
    Deciding I need to focus on something other than the soft pillow of her ass resting on my thighs, I grab the soap and lather up my hands. Slick, they glide over her skin. Stomach. Shoulders. Arms.
    She whimpers. It's such a fucking sweet sound. It makes me want to do all kinds of dirty things to her, just to make her whimper again and again.
    I try to be satisfied by tweaking her nipples, rolling them between my forefingers and thumbs. But it isn't enough. I soap up my hands again and slide them down her body.
    To her mound.
    Her thighs part.
    She whimpers again.
    Oh fuck, I'm done.
    I find her little clit and stroke it. Round and round.
    Her hips start rocking.
    I'm going to die.
    Pulses of electricity charge through me, followed by surges of heat. My balls throb, my racing pulse pounding between my legs, up through my chest.
    She drops her head back and moans and I lose it. I lift her out of the bath and lay her on the bed, dripping wet. With hair wet and droplets of water shimmering all over her body, she looks like a water nymph. A goddess.
    I push her knees apart and watch her flushed, pink folds unfurl. There can't be a more spectacular sight than this, not in the whole fucking universe. I find her clit and lave it with my tongue. Again and again. She's sweeter than the juiciest berry. I can't get enough. I suckle it, and she bucks beneath me.
    “That's it, baby. Cum for me.” I slide a finger

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