Mine to Take

Mine to Take by Alexa Kaye Read Free Book Online

Book: Mine to Take by Alexa Kaye Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alexa Kaye
    “Mine,” he whispers against my lips. “Mine forever.”
    “Cum, baby. I want to feel your sweet pussy milk my cock. I'm going to fill you up.”
    His dirty words set off a series of explosions that leave me breathless. My scream echoes through the tiny space. Jace's low, rumbling growl joins it, producing a glorious harmony. I feel his cum coating my insides, spurting against the mouth of my womb. And one thought comes to mind: with all the excitement of the wedding, I forgot to take my pill. I could become pregnant.
    He slams up into me, again and again and again, forcing his cum deeper inside me. And my body sucks it in as my walls spasm. It's feels too freaking good for words. All I can do is hold on and let the waves crash over me. Waves of liquid bliss.
    Once again, his tongue sweeps into my mouth. He kisses me sweetly now. Sprinkles little butterfly kisses over my lips, chin, cheeks. “Mine,” he says after every little kiss. “Mine.”
    Yes, oh yes, I'm his. Body. And soul. His forever.
    My body grows heavy once the intense waves ease. I relax into him, enjoying the feel of his strong, hard body supporting mine. His hand glides up and down my back, comforting me.
    “Are you all right, baby?” he asks.
    “Oh yes. Better than all right,” I say, giggling. Despite my fears that I may have just gotten myself pregnant, I feel like I'm high. I'm giddy. Happier than I've ever been in my life.
    Oh, and drippy. My inner walls squeeze and his flaccid cock pops out. So does some of the semen he filled me with.
    “Hmmm,” he says, gently shifting me. “That needs to stay in there.” Hands on my hips, he helps me return to my seat. “Recline back,” he instructs.
    “I'm not tired,” I say.
    “That's not why I want you to lay back.” Angling over me, he brushes a kiss across my lips then grabs the handle next to my seat and gives it a pull. The seat, with me in it, reclines as far back as it will go. “Baby, I want you swollen with my child. I want to whole fucking world to know you are mine.”
    He wants me to have his child?
    Do I want to have his child?
    I think I do.
    No, I know I do!
    My heart swells.
    A baby. I'm going to have a baby.
    This time it's me who curls her fingers in his hair. I pull his head down and devour his mouth.
    A baby!
    Oh yes, I want his baby. I'll love him or her...or them...with all my heart. And soul.
    Just like I love their father.

Chapter 5

    The drive home feels like it takes forever.
    I'm impatient. What can I say? I have my beautiful wife in my truck. We made love on the side of the road.
    That wasn't what I'd wanted. For her sake, I'd wanted the first time to be someplace where she would be comfortable. Like our bed.
    To my surprise, she doesn't seem to mind having lost her virginity in a truck. God, I love this woman.
    She has just arrived a few days ago and already she's making me a better man. She's made me see there's more to life than work. There's no need to hide from life. I've been missing out on so much. Companionship. And family.
    I haven't been part of a family in a very long time. Not since my parents died, three months before my eighteenth birthday. They left me an orphan. A rich orphan. But an orphan nonetheless.
    With no one to guide me. No one to advise me. No one to come home to.
    No one.
    But hey, I turned out all right. I learned how to take care of myself. I learned to rely on nobody. To trust nobody. To need nobody. I learned that hard work helps me forget what I'm missing.
    I did forget...
    Until I met this beautiful woman.
    I love her so much my heart aches.
    The gift waiting for her at home, that's a very small token of my love for her. I want to give her more. I want to give her the whole fucking world.
    I want to give her a part of me.
    And I want to have a part of her.
    I never thought I'd want children. In fact, I was sure I didn't.
    Until I looked up, into those beautiful eyes. Then it hit

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