Mr. Black's Proposal (Part Two: A Billionaire Erotic Romance)

Mr. Black's Proposal (Part Two: A Billionaire Erotic Romance) by Aubrey Dark Read Free Book Online

Book: Mr. Black's Proposal (Part Two: A Billionaire Erotic Romance) by Aubrey Dark Read Free Book Online
Authors: Aubrey Dark
pushy. Jill’s boy has a wedding set for this fall.”
    “Good for him.”
    “And he’s two years younger than you.”
    “Sounds like a great son. Maybe you should adopt him.”
    “Lucas, I only want to know when I can expect to see you hold onto a girl long enough for me to meet her.”
    “When I find the one, I’ll let you know,” I said. I didn’t say anything about Steph. Steph didn’t want anything to do with me. Was this how all women saw me? Maybe that’s why she was pushing back against my advances. She thought that I would use her up and dump her, and she was the only woman strong enough to even try to resist it. Well, that was the last thing I wanted to do.
    An idea flashed into my mind. At first, I thought that it was crazy. But as I mulled it over, I realized that it might just be the perfect answer to the problem I was facing here.
    “Don’t worry, mom,” I said, patting her hand calmly. “You’ll see. I’ll settle down soon enough.”
    “Is that right? What, with some French floozy girl you dance with in Paris? Be serious.”
    I laughed at the idea of Steph being a French floozy. My mom didn’t know that I was already planning on being serious. I’d never been serious before, of course. But Steph was changing all that.
    “I told you before. I’m going to bring my own little surprise to the party.”
    “What surprise?”
    “You’ll see.” I smiled.
    Steph was going to see exactly how serious I could be. Alex was already downtown, putting together the last touches on my plan for tomorrow’s party. I’d given him orders to keep everything perfectly secret. Strange. I’d never felt nervous before a party before. This one, though, would be something very, very special.
    I called Steph.
    “Hi,” she said. No Lucas. No Mr. Black. Just hi . In that one word, I could hear how frazzled she was. It was adorable.
    “I wanted to make sure everything was okay,” I said.
    “You know, for the party tomorrow and everything.”
    “Oh. Right. Of course. Everything will be perfect. I’m finishing up the cakes tonight.”
    I imagined her in the bakery, her hair pulled back in a loose bun, dusted with flour, her ass when she stood on tiptoe to reach the top shelf…
    “Do you want to come over tonight?” I asked. My cock was throbbing, had been ever since she’d left me to finish the photo shoot, and I dreamt of taking her to bed again.
    “I wish I could, but I’m backlogged on an order of sheet cakes.”
    I sighed. My dreams would have to be put on hold. After tonight, though, she would understand.
    “Man, you’re busy.”
    “Yup. Can’t wait until I can hire someone and expand.”
    “Oh, yeah?”
    “Yeah. It would cut down on a lot of the stress.”
    I grabbed up a pen and jotted down:
    Possible expand/employee.
    Maybe I could figure out some way to help her with her business. I couldn’t wait to introduce her to my mother tomorrow. She loved jump-starting young businesses, getting grants and donors set up for expanding small companies. I hoped that my mom liked Steph enough to help her.
    That wasn’t the only reason. I hoped my mom liked Steph, because… well, because I liked Steph.
    “Hello? Lucas?”
    “Look, I’m really busy right now, so if there’s nothing else—”
    “I’m sorry. Thanks, Steph.”
    The fucking weirdest impulse—to say I love you— sprang to my mind. I clamped my mouth shut on the words before I said them.
    “Okay. See you tomorrow.”
    I shook my head at Otis. He tilted his head, his ears flopping sideways.
    “That’s right, Otis. It was just a checkup call for the party. That’s a normal thing to do, right?”
    Otis heard the inflection in my voice. He tilted his head the other way.
    “Exactly. And so what if I love her? It’s fine to love someone, isn’t it?”
    Otis, realizing that I wasn’t going to give him a snack, lay down at my feet. His eyes still looked up hopefully as I gestured.

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