New Species 10 Moon

New Species 10 Moon by Laurann Dohner Read Free Book Online

Book: New Species 10 Moon by Laurann Dohner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laurann Dohner
Tags: Erótica
cafeteria on site where most of your meals are prepared. Was that incorrect?”
    “Head shrinks are not popular and everyone is aware you are here. We didn’t want any issues to arise. We’re keeping you separated from everyone except the ones assigned to you or Moon. Some of our people could become testy in your presence.”
    “That makes sense.” She glanced around the living room again, remembering the way the Species male at Medical had glared at her and called her human . “When are they moving Moon?”
    “They have already done so.” The woman removed a cell phone from her pocket, touched it, and glanced down. “They texted me to let me know he’s been safely transferred.”
    “Has he woken?”
    Shoulders shrugged. “They didn’t state that information.”
    “We waited for my spare clothes to be delivered, I changed my shirt and ate a sandwich. I’m ready to go see where he’s being held.”
    “I was told you’d start in the morning.”
    That didn’t sit well with Joy one bit. She was impatient to see 466 again. “He needs help now and I’m ready to go.”
    Rusty led the way and Joy followed. Two males had been assigned to guard her as well though they didn’t speak and stayed far back until they reached the street. She didn’t allow it to bother her. The Species would warm to her or they wouldn’t, their choice. They drove her back to Medical and it confused Joy.
    “I thought you said they transferred him.”
    “They did. To a secure part of the basement. It’s divided into two parts.” Rusty motioned her to follow. “We have hospital rooms downstairs but we also have a large storage space we converted to hold him. That is where he’ll be kept. We’ll take the freight elevator.”
    That kept Joy silent as they entered the building, walked down a corridor, and ended up at a huge elevator. A solitary New Species officer sat in a chair with a weapon strapped to his hip. He looked up as they approached. A laptop rested over his thighs.
    “This is the head shrink.” Rusty paused. “Is Moon awake?”
    “No.” The Species assessed Joy with a sweep of his gaze and obviously found her nonthreatening. “Proceed.”
    The two guards remained behind as they entered the elevator. Rusty pressed the down button. The doors slid closed while nervousness gripped Joy. She hugged her chest.
    “Are you cold?”
    “No. I’m worried that I won’t be able to do anything for Moon.”
    “He needs your help.”
    “I’m going to try my best.”
    The elevator stopped and the doors slid open to reveal a dim room. Rusty stepped forward and Joy followed. The basement area was big and a few cells sat across the room. From floor to ceiling were bars separating the area into three rooms, the center cell had the door closed. That one had been stripped down. The ones on either side were set up hotel-room style with a partition, a bed, nightstands and a TV. Moon’s cell contained only a bed, sink and toilet.
    “It is sad to see him this way.” Rusty paused. “I will bring a chair for you to sit on and a blanket to keep you warm. I’ll return shortly. Do not go near the bars.”
    “No one is down here with him?” She peered around the dim basement. “Someone should be monitoring him at all times.”
    “He’s sleeping and the officer upstairs will hear if he wakes. Moon has been very loud since his attack. Seeing other males sets him off. It’s best if none are within sight or smell.”
    It felt odd to be in the scary basement but Joy didn’t protest when Rusty left. She knew it was an irrational fear. The only danger was the sleeping Species male locked behind the bars. She hesitated before slowly approaching until she paused about five feet from his door.
    They’d washed Moon’s hair and changed his clothing. He wore black sweatpants and his hair had been spread out above the pillow to dry. Someone had taken the time to brush the long strands and she inched a little closer. No restraints

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