New Species 13 Smiley

New Species 13 Smiley by Laurann Dohner Read Free Book Online

Book: New Species 13 Smiley by Laurann Dohner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laurann Dohner
discarded ring. He frowned then looked at her. “Why did you do that?”
    “I’m too honest and will have to tell my fiancé about what
happened between us. He’ll never marry me. It’s over.”
    “He can’t blame you if you had no part in our drugging.”
    “You don’t know him. I don’t think I knew him as well as I
thought either, until recently. It’s okay. I think I’m doing both of us a favor
by taking that off.”
    A hot flash hit and she closed her eyes, breathing through
it. Smiley lifted to put more room between their bodies and sat up. She reached
out a hand and he grasped it, holding on tightly.
    “It’s going to pass. I’m right here with you.”
    She opened her eyes and used his tight grip to pull herself
into a sitting position. She had to scoot away from him a little to do it. “I
need you.”
    “Lie back down.”
    Her hands trembled as she gripped her shirt, trying to get
it off but feeling too shaky to undress. Sweat poured off her. “Get these
clothes off me.”
    He hesitated.
    He brushed her hands aside and yanked her shirt over her
head. His gaze lowered to her bra and he licked his lips.
    “All of it. Please. I’m so hot.”
    “I could turn on the engine and run the air-conditioning.”
    “Please?” Panic gripped her. “I’m burning up!”
    He leaned forward, reached around her, unclasped the bra and
tugged it off with an efficiency that bespoke experience. The skirt came off
next, the elastic waist making it simple for him to tug it down her legs. Her
panties were destroyed and she had no idea where her shoes were. She couldn’t
remember losing them but they were gone.
    “Fuck.” Smiley didn’t try to hide his thorough examination
of her bare body. “You’re perfect.”
    The hot flash passed and she wished she’d kept some of her
clothes on. Carl had gifted her with a gym membership to lose fifteen pounds
before their upcoming wedding. Smiley didn’t seem to mind those extra curves as
he openly admired her with a hungry expression. He didn’t point out her flaws.
She reached for him.
    “Kiss me.”
    He hesitated. “We should partially cover you.”
    The rejection hurt her feelings and she shrank away. “I’m
    He was there in an instant, scooting across the seat. “For
    She drew up her knees in a sad attempt to cover her breasts
and shield her pussy from his view. “I suck at being forward.”
    His fingers brushed her hair away from her shoulder and he
stroked her arm with the back of his knuckles. She smothered a moan. Her body
was turned-on and she didn’t seem to have an off switch. To her senses, even
the barest touches seemed amplified.
    “Vanni? Look at me.”
    It took courage but she did it. Their gazes locked.
    “Talk to me. How are you trying to be forward? I’m unsure of
what you mean. Be blunt. What are you thinking?”
    She’d always been a bit shy and passive when it came to sex.
Of course she’d never been dosed with a drug that made her breasts feel heavy
and ache to be touched. Her pussy throbbed so much it was turning into real
    “I took off the ring.” She swallowed. “I need you.” It was
difficult to tell him that she wanted him to fuck her and she couldn’t get
those exact words out. “You, um, don’t have to take care of yourself. We could
help each other.”
    That soft growly groan he uttered was sexy and made her
    “I don’t want you to hate me tomorrow after the drug is out
of your system. You’ll regret it.”
    “Maybe.” She decided to be honest. “But tomorrow isn’t right
now. And I won’t hate you. I’ll beat myself up if I have to blame someone. I
want you.”
    “Are you certain?” He stopped stroking her arm.
    “Are you on the Pill or any form of birth control?”
    “Yes and I have a clean bill of health. What about you?”
    “Species don’t carry diseases.”
    She lowered her gaze to his chest. He was muscular and broad-chested.

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