Night Prayers

Night Prayers by P. D. Cacek Read Free Book Online

Book: Night Prayers by P. D. Cacek Read Free Book Online
Authors: P. D. Cacek
with long curly hair and a face ravaged by acne scars. Mica felt sorry for him
(I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry)
but fed him the suitcase anyway.
was going to stop him from
(making it up to Piper for walking out)
showing the fools the error of their ways. He got as far as the stage before a massive right arm
— Gypsy's he found out later — made itself at home against his Adam's apple.
    Luci had been dressed as a snow-leopard that night, wearing a green rhinestone collar that matched the emerald sparkle of her eyes. Before he passed out from lack of oxygen, Mica remembered those eyes staring at the scar on his forehead and smiling.
    When he woke the next morning, he had the world's worst headache and a job. The pizza-faced kid, Luci told him as she gently traced the cross with her finger, had handed in his jacker and quit.
    Just like that.
    Then she smiled at him again and Mica felt all the blood rush out of his cheeks and into his cock.
    Just like now.
    Luci did hip grinds as she moved farther down the runway, holding the tail up between her legs and moving it slowly… so very slowly back and forth. Up and down. Her fiery green eyes sweeping the crowd but always coming back to him.
    To him. Alone.
    "God —" Mica started, then felt his jaw click shut.
    Luci looked straight at him and mouthed something… repeated it so he could be sure.
    God helps those who help themselves, Preacher-boy.
    "How the hell…?"
    But by then her gaze had found another target.
    The winner of the coveted collar — shirt half torn off and nose running blood
— was waving the mangled remains above his head like a banner. And Luci was staring at him. Smiling at
    Mica slid off the chair and muscled his way into and through the shouting Furverts.
    Luci had gotten down on her hands and knees, ass-high, swinging the fox tail like a cat in heat. The man with the collar edged his way closer to the stage and shouted something up to her. It must have been funny because Luci reared back up laughing
— her heavy, fur-covered breasts jiggling… the rose-pink nipples dancing in the light.
    Mica shoved his elbow into the sagging gut of a man who hadn't gotten out of the way fast enough.
    She was doing it to torment him… he knew that, knew it as if it were gospel… but kept right on heading for the stage.
    And he might have made it, too, if Gypsy's arm hadn't snaked around his neck (again?) and hauled him backwards toward the Exit. But that's what friends were for. In Hollywood. Luci saw him leaving, and waved bye-bye.

    She was getting better at her technique.
    This one hardly spurted at all.
    Dusting her hands off on the seat of her shorts, Allison tossed her blouse into the shallow grave next to the body and wiggled into the skinhead's vest. It barely covered her breasts but she wasn't going to run the risk of shrinking them down to a more manageable size. She couldn't face another disappointment just yet.
    Reaching down, Allison pulled the oversized safety pin out of the man's left nipple and used it to fasten the vest a half-inch below the exaggerated swell of her breast.
    Nice effect from
angle, but without a mirror she couldn't tell if it would even pass Hollywood's lax dress code.
    "Of all the things I miss the most," she whispered to the dead man, then stopped before she got any further. No use crying over spilt milk, as her grannie used to say. Standing up, Allison brushed at the dried
stain on her chest. Maybe that philosophy went for blood as well.
    "Okay," she said, glancing around, "now where'd we toss that head of yours?"
    Hands on hip, Allison turned slowly on the balls of her feet, seeing into even the darkest shadows as if it were high noon.
Where, o where has his little head gone
? Good question.
    The moment they entered the vacant lot, he'd thrown her against the wall and pulled her shorts down to her knees. Same old thing… right down to the sweet nothings he was grunting into her ears. She'd managed to keep

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