Nobody's Hero
about to explode.
    Damn . Adam had known that
demonstration had been a mistake from the start and still didn’t
know how he’d ever gotten roped into it, so to speak. Karla had
seemed as surprised as he was when Angelina had suggested it.
    He rubbed his hand over his face. This
conversation was going south fast. When had he lost control with
Karla? The damned cougar attack. How soon could he regain the upper
hand with her? Maybe when the fog cleared completely? At least he’d
sworn off the damned pills now.
    Time to regain control now. “Hon, it’s not
like you seem to have had a lot of experience with being turned
    Karla pulled away and her eyes, reddened from
her recent crying jag, became narrow slits. “Not true. I’ve been
turned on by you for a long time. You just chose to ignore me.” She
cupped his cheeks in her hands, forcing Adam to stare into her eyes
again. “The only person I ever wanted to turn me on was you,
    If she didn’t stop whispering like that, he
was going to embarrass himself.
    “When I saw you in my parents’ kitchen
without your shirt—oh…my…God. I was ruined for any other man right
then and there.” She grinned.
    He’d turned on a sixteen-year-old? Hell, he’d
thought she’d been embarrassed, not excited. If her mom would have
let him put his damned shirt back on, maybe none of this would have
happened. Karla definitely took after her mother. Two strong,
dominant women.
    He needed to get Karla off his lap. It was
wrong to take advantage of a naïve, innocent—well not as innocent
as she’d been an hour ago—woman who was just discovering the joys
of love. No, not love. Sex.
    Wrong to wrap his arms tighter around
    Wrong to want to kiss her.
    He knew all that, so why was he ignoring his
inner compass and doing those things anyway?

Chapter Three
    Adam’s arms tightened around her and she felt
a charge of electricity rip through her. Still holding his face in
her hands, she moved her lips toward his, brushing them lightly,
enjoying the tingling sensation. She wanted to savor this moment.
His lips were firm and soft at the same time. She kissed his upper
lip, then his fuller lower one. He didn’t reciprocate, but that was
okay. They had hours before daylight would bring the house to life
again. With his walls of resistance still lowered, she had no doubt
how her first seduction scene would turn out.
    Adam Montague, you are doomed to be loved by
me forever, whether you choose to accept me or not.
    With the tip of her tongue, she traced the
line between his lips, and he groaned, his hand moving up to cup
her breast. Her bare breast. The towel must have slipped down
again. She hadn’t even noticed. Nor did she care.
    Yes. Touch me, Adam.
    “Oh God, Kitten.”
    The special endearment was growing on her. He
rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb, sending another
zing straight to her clit. She squirmed on his lap and felt his
erection pressing against her thigh. Karla smiled. What a feeling
of power. Now to move in for the kill. Thank God she’d watched a
lot of romantic movies, or she might not have even known how to
kiss him like a woman would. She’d fantasized about this for many,
many years.
    Karla took her fingers and splayed them over
the very short hairs at the nape of his neck, then held his head
firmly as she pressed her tongue against his lips, breaking through
and delving inside his mouth. His hand convulsed over her breast
and nipple at her gentle, but persistent, invasion.
    He pushed her away, and she looked at him
through half-lidded eyes. Both of them gasped for air. Then he
pulled her toward him with a groan that sounded like surrender.
    His tongue met and welcomed hers, teasing,
stroking, dancing. Her clit throbbed. More. She wanted more
but knew she needed to go slowly. God, she’d die if he pulled away
from her again. His tongue pressed into her open mouth and
assaulted her senses. Air became a precious commodity, and

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