Not Meant To Be Broken

Not Meant To Be Broken by Cora Reilly Read Free Book Online

Book: Not Meant To Be Broken by Cora Reilly Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cora Reilly
    My breath stuck in my throat and my vision narrowed, turning black at the corners.
    It will happen again.
    happen again
    happen again
    happen again
    I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t run, couldn’t do anything.
    The smaller man with blond locks stood and walked toward me, a leering grin on his face and it reminded me so much of the grins of that night.
    Their grins. Taunting and leering.
    I backed away from him, shaking my head desperately. The blond man took another step closer to me and the man with the dark skin got up, looking angry and dangerous. ‘No’, I wanted to say, but nothing came out.
    “Hey, we're not going to hurt you,” said the blond man.
    I'd heard those words before, and shortly after my life had been destroyed. We won’t hurt you. You’ll enjoy it. You like it rough, bitch, don’t you? Scream for us.
    “Bill, you're frightening her, you idiot!” shouted the other man.
    My bare back hit the wall. I was trapped. Trapped. Trapped. The words rang in my ears, mingled with my screams from long ago in my head. I sank down to the ground and hugged my legs to my chest, rocking myself back and forth.  Whimpers slipped past my lips and the taste of my tears lingered on my lips.
    “Fuck! That's all your damn fault, Bill, you fucking idiot!”
    “Shut up, Jason! What are we going to do?”
    “She looks like she's in shock.”
    “We need to call Brian.”
    “Are you fucking insane, Jason? Brian will kill us. Call Zach, he'll know what to do.”
    They were shouting, and they were so close. Too close. Too close.
    Fear paralyzed me. Memories, haunting and terrifying, kept flashing through my mind. I rocked harder. Let them go away, please. God, please, don't let them hurt me again.
    “Try to shake her out of it, Jason, maybe you'll get through to her.”
    A warm hand on my arm. Touching. Gripping. A scream ripped from my throat, raw and desperate. I pulled my knees tighter against myself, shielding me from what was to come, though I knew it was futile. It hadn't kept them from hurting me last time, it wouldn't stop those men this time either. I retreated into myself, seeking shelter in the darkness of my mind where I was safe.
    This lecture was by far the most boring thing I'd ever had to endure. Mergers & Acquisitions, or what I liked to call it: how to make rich bastards like my father even richer. I rested my forehead on my arm, drowning out the monotone voice of the professor and trying to get some sleep that I hadn't gotten last night.
    My phone vibrated in my pocket and my head shot up in surprise. I must have dozed off. I pulled it out without the professor noticing and checked the caller I.D: Jason.
    What the fuck did he want now of all times? The dumbass knew I was busy. I ignored him and returned my gaze to the professor with his checkered jacket and cord pants. The vibrating stopped and I was about to return my phone into my pocket when it beeped once, announcing the arrival of a message. I groaned and the person next to me shot me a dark look, which I returned with the same fervor.
    Fucking idiot.
    I stared down at my mobile and read the message Jason had sent.
    Bill and I need your help. Emergency!! A problem with Brian's sister.
    My eyes widened. What had those idiots done this time? I grabbed my things and hurried out of the room, ignoring the disapproving look of the professor.
    As soon as I was outside, I called Jason. “What the fuck has happened?”
    “Zach, thank god. Brian's sister, she's having some kind of panic attack.”
    “Where is she?”
    “In your apartment...” He sounded sorry. And damn, would he be sorry when Brian found out.
    “What the hell are you doing there?” I asked, already getting into my jeep.
    “I don't fucking care, I'll be there in a few minutes.” Brian and I should have never given those two morons a spare key. I hung up on Jason and called Brian. He'd be furious. I knew Bill and Jason hadn't done anything to

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