One Wild Vegas Night

One Wild Vegas Night by SJ Thomas Read Free Book Online

Book: One Wild Vegas Night by SJ Thomas Read Free Book Online
Authors: SJ Thomas
would be on his side; he always had been, and he’d never been truly happy with the arranged mating. It would be his mother who would be harder to bring around, but he was sure they’d love Hannah once they met her and saw how much he desired her. Just thinking about Hannah set Sol’s pulse racing and he longed to go to her. His female, his mate.
    A knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts. Hannah, it has to be. He moved swiftly to the door, her scent hitting him as he drew closer. Sol paused; he could smell her fear, and something else; the sharper tang of another male. Hackles rising, Sol flung open the door to be greeted with the sight of Hannah standing in the hallway, her skin pale, a red mark spreading across one cheek.
    Before Sol could speak a man stepped from the side, grabbing hold of Hannah’s arm and yanking her against him. Rage flooded Sol, a snarl building in his throat at the sight of another male touching his female, but a flash of metal froze Sol where he stood. The man had a knife pressed to Hannah’s side.
    “Back,” the man said in a gravelly voice full of malice. Sol did as ordered and the man pushed Hannah ahead of him, closing the door behind them.
    Sol’s gaze flicked to Hannah. Her expression was anguished as she mouthed “I’m sorry” at him.
    Sol gave the smallest nod and then turned his attention back to the man. He was shorter than Sol, but thickset, and the gleam in the man’s eyes hinted at aggression, madness, danger. Instinctively, Sol knew this was Hannah’s ex and he could feel his fangs and claws sharpening in response. But while the scumbag had that knife against Hannah, Sol couldn’t do anything.
    “So you’re the son of a bitch who slept with my wife.” The man’s voice was bitter, dripping with anger.
    Sol’s eyes narrowed. “You must be Richard.”
    He gave a derisive snort. “So she told you about me and yet you still fucked her, fucked my wife.”
    Sol’s hands clenched but he tried to keep his voice calm. “Hannah is not your wife, you’re divorced.”
    Richard shook his head, as if dismissing Sol’s words. “A mistake, one easily remedied. Hannah is my wife.”
    Sol’s lips curled into a threatening smile and he could see Hannah’s eyes widen. “Actually, she’s my wife. We were married last night.”
    Richard’s mouth fell open for a few seconds, giving him an almost comical look, but then his expression became livid. “You lie.”
    “No.” Sol almost growled the word. “Hannah and I were married last night. She is mine now and I’ll kill you for hurting her.” As he spoke his gaze moved to the red mark on her face, standing out in stark contrast to her pale skin. A mark caused by this man striking her. Sol felt his change edging closer, his nails lengthening into claws, his fangs growing sharp. His body thrummed with the need to defend his mate.
    Richard gave a scoffing laugh. “You’ll kill me, will you? I don’t think so, pretty boy. I’m the one with the knife.” And he moved the blade up to Hannah’s throat.
    Sol felt his lip curl back, his body beginning to pulse with energy. His jaguar form was close to the surface, demanding retribution for the threat to his mate. But he couldn’t do anything with the knife so close to Hannah. He needed to draw Richard away from her.
    Loading his voice with malice, Sol spoke. “Of course a piece of shit like you would hide behind a weapon. Would threaten a woman. No wonder Hannah divorced you. She needs a real man.”
    With a bellow of rage, Richard shoved Hannah to the side and launched himself at Sol. Sol leaped back, his hand coming up to deflect the knife away, but Richard was surprisingly quick. Checking his momentum, he spun back toward Sol, slashing out again with the blade.
    Sol sidestepped, once again avoiding the knife, and swung his fist up, catching Richard on the side of the head. Richard groaned and staggered, but he was strong for a human and somehow managed to stay on

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