Only Skin Deep

Only Skin Deep by Mahalia Levey Read Free Book Online

Book: Only Skin Deep by Mahalia Levey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mahalia Levey
mean?” Hands tugged at his zipper. “ Nadja ?” What the fuck was she doing playing with his
pants? He tried to lift her up, heard a rip, and stopped.
    “Fucking fuck me. Deja is going to
kill me. This was a loaner.” She worked the zipper again.
warm breath over the front of his crotch damn near killed him. Rock hard, he
groaned when her hand came into contact with his erection.
you have to do that?” she hissed between clenched teeth.
    “Sorry. Involuntary muscle. It’d help if you’d quit breathing against
I’m stuck. Deal.”
fought the urge to deliver a slap to her sexy derriere. “Be careful with that.”
    Nadja pulled back and winced as it tore more. “I have to
get it down.”
it’s a bad time to tell you I go commando.”
    Nadja dropped her hands. “How am I going to work my way
can think of a few ways. Just stop struggling. I’ll help you,” he ordered as he
brought his hands down on his zipper. “Gentle tugs.” Praying his skin wouldn’t
get pinched, he released the zipper, thankful her mass
of hair covered them. He heard her exclamation and swoosh of breath when her hand came in contact with his member.
you control certain body parts?”
blew on me.” He chuckled and eased the zipper slider on her shoulder strap away
from his zipper. “Not too fast. I need to zip back up. Keep your face there.”
to see you think this is humorous.”
is the last thing on my mind, doll.” He fixed his pants and stepped back. He
zeroed in on her flushed face, and her eyes bugged out, ogling him. His cock
throbbed heavy under his pants.
need some air, a d-drink.”
her flustered turned him on. The many faces that had glanced their way, added
to her embarrassment. No longer cool and unapproachable, he got a glimpse of
the woman behind what he deemed cement walls. Instead of pummeling the asshole
that started this mess, he wanted to shake hands and thank him. Christ, if that
wasn’t fucked up, what was? By now, Tomas should’ve kicked the dickhead out. He
turned his attention back to Nadja and pasted a smile
on his face.
for you, doll.” Donato looped an arm around her and
assisted her over to the bar. Tucked up against him, her body trembled. He
rubbed her arm with gentle soothing strokes, trying like hell to ignore the
sparks he felt ignite when his fingertips grazed her skin. “ Yo , Micah.” He rapped on the countertop to get the
bartender’s attention. “Get her something strong, she’s a bit shook up.” He leaned on the bar, his hand tapping the counter, as
the bartender brought a shot of whiskey.
is fine,” Nadja declined the alcohol and extricated
her arm from his.
    Donato frowned at her. “You need something stronger than
water.” He pushed the whiskey in front of her. “Drink up.”
fine, really. I don’t want a babysitter. And anyway, Deja is making her way over.”
one’s babysitting you. Drink up. It’s not a request.”
    “ You are not the boss of me.” Nadja slid the shot over in front of him.
the goddamn shot, woman.” The tone in his voice dropped as he was summoned
elsewhere. Yeah. She was good at pushing buttons. “I’ll be back.” He handed her
the glass. “One shot won’t hurt you and will put me at ease. When I return, I
don’t want to see any liquid left in this glass.” He gave her a parting glance,
turned and headed over to the other end of the bar, his control hanging on by
strings. “What, Tomas?” he barked into his mic .
done, boss.”
got his work address?”
    “Yes, sir.”
hint of a smile spread across his face as Tomas rattled off some numbers. He
thought the man looked familiar. “Good. I want him to be surprised when I make
an appearance at his job.”
    “Boss, you sure? You could’ve called the police.”
the fun in that? No police will be needed. I’m

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