Oracle Seeing (The Phoenix Files Book 2)

Oracle Seeing (The Phoenix Files Book 2) by Morgan Kelley Read Free Book Online

Book: Oracle Seeing (The Phoenix Files Book 2) by Morgan Kelley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Morgan Kelley
give up.”
    “It’s Oracle. I’ve come to help you, Lucian. I’m here to help you silence the demons.”
    There was a pause.
    Then there was a buzzing sound, and the gate miraculously opened without any argument.
    Nate didn’t know why he tried.
    He really should just let her handle it. She was always surprising him. Now he had to stop his internal party, and let his fiancée do her thing.
    As the two vehicles pulled up the long drive, it was clear that Lucian Monroe had money. This wasn’t DA lawyer money.
    This was old family.
    Old wealth.
    Bags of cash hidden in the walls, money.
    This was going to be interesting.
    When the two vehicles came to a stop, they all hopped out. Nate went to help Avalon down, but she was already on her way toward the house, leaving him behind.
    He couldn’t believe his eyes.
    On the large porch, Nate could see a figure of someone standing there.
    “What the fuck?” he muttered. How did she navigate that walk without help?
    Had she been there before?
    Maura was right there. “You better chill out,” she whispered. “You’re bright red, and she’s going to figure out that you’re not happy. Let her do her thing. Trust her.”
    Yeah, especially since Maura knew what was going on, and she felt for Avalon.
    The girl was scared.
    She was twenty-five, in love with an older man, and didn’t know much about life—let alone being pregnant. That would scare the strongest of people.
    Maura knew this was going to blow up at some point in the near future.
    It was only a matter of when.
    “I’m trying,” he muttered.
    “Let’s give her a minute.”
    “I want to make sure she’s safe,” he said, trying to follow.
    Maura handed him an earbud. “She’s wired. You can listen to her work and still give her space.”
    He was glad his team had thought ahead.
    Keeping Avalon safe was always their main concern, so they took extra precautions.
    Now he could eavesdrop.
    He popped in the earbud and listened. He really hoped the man didn’t try to hurt Avalon.
    They’d have a second body in Ravenswood, and it would be Lucian Monroe’s.
    Well, it would be if he had anything to say about it.
    As she approached, he couldn’t help but think she looked like a ghost. Her skin was so pale, and so were her eyes. He’d seen that cloudy look before. It was in his one eye before they removed it.
    “Are you really Oracle?” he asked.
    She stared at him. “I am, Lucian. I told you that we’d come. We’re going to help you.”
    “I think it’s happening again. I’m feeling the same way I was before,” he said, remaining in the shadows. “My head is beginning to hurt. I think the killer is on the move.”
    She didn’t doubt it.
    The static was going crazy in her head too. He wasn’t the only psychic noticing what was going on around them.
    Others, like them, were aware. The whole psychic spectrum was alive with chatter.
    “It’s okay. We’ll work on it.”
    As she went to approach, he stepped back.
    “Stop, please.”
    “I’m scarred and hideous.”
    “I’m blind. You look like everyone else to me. I have the luxury of judging a person by their inside, not their outside.”
    He went silent.
    Avalon could tell he was thinking about her words.
    “How did you walk toward me if you can’t see?” he asked. “You didn’t even trip on your way up here.”
    “Your aura led me, and I have some peripheral. Right now, you’re full of pain, anger, and fear. You think I’m going to be afraid of your disfigurement.”
    “Everyone always is. I’m disgusting.”
    “You’re not. Your insides are pretty amazing. You used to help people. You wanted justice. Every day, you got up, went to work, and did everything you could to put the bad guys away. That’s not ugly, Lucian. That’s pure beauty, and that’s what I see inside.”
    Her words only angered him.
    That man was dead.
    He was gone.
    “I once helped, Oracle, but not anymore. I’m of

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