Overflow: The Carpino Series

Overflow: The Carpino Series by Brynne Asher Read Free Book Online

Book: Overflow: The Carpino Series by Brynne Asher Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brynne Asher
under my eyes from tossing
and turning all night. 
    Tony got here about thirty minutes after Jude.  I called
Tony before Jude showed up and he was at the gym playing basketball.  So two
days in a row I’ve screwed up Tony’s day to have to come to my rescue.  Shortly
after Tony arrived, the first restoration company that popped up on Google
showed up with fans and other whatnots to start drying out my basement.  I’ve
hardly said a word to Jude since Tony got here. 
    Now the two of them are standing amongst the hellacious mess
that is now my basement, heads tipped down and talking quietly with the
restoration crew working around them.  Not having the energy to think about
what they’re talking about, I go to my office with Mia faithfully behind me. 
My office was thankfully spared from water since the mechanical room was on the
other side of the basement and the water hadn’t made its way in here yet.  As
Mia turns circles in her dog bed I keep in here for her to sleep on as I work,
I wake up my computer to print off the invoice I came down for originally this
morning and need to get in the mail today.  I look around thinking that I am
grateful I’ve put off redoing the basement and hope that my insurance comes
through in a big way so maybe I can upgrade my carpet, repaint and hopefully
I’ll be able to replace all the baseboards as well.   My next project was going
to be the guest rooms upstairs, but apparently my hot water heater had other
plans for my renovation schedule.  Hearing Jude and Tony’s voices getting
louder, I turn to see them walking through the door to my office. 
    “I’m outta here, Gabba,” Tony says. 
    “Tony, I’m sorry I ruined your day again, basketball and
well…everything,” I return.
    “I know, just another day in the life of Gabby Carpino’s
cousin,” he teases me.  “Just so you know, I plan on sleeping in tomorrow so if
you could ward off any more catastrophes until the afternoon, that would be
    “Bite me, Tone,” I say glaring at him. 
    He looks at Jude and says with a grin, “Can you believe
her?  I gave up my Saturday morning basketball game for this shit!”  Then Tony
goes on to slap Jude on the shoulder as he starts to walk out of the room and
says, “Hey man, see ya tonight at six.”
    Jude gives him a lift of the head, as if he’s agreeing that
yes, he will indeed see Tony tonight at six!
    “What?” I mini scream!
    “Vic’s co-worker dropped out of the draft, Jude is going to
take his place,” Tony answered.
    “What?” I repeat my thought and mini scream! 
    Tony ignores my mini scream and turns to walk out of the
room yelling back at me, “If all you’re bringing is salad, it’d be good if you
brought something sweet Gabby!”  Then he disappears into thin air.
    I look to Jude and repeat yet again, “What?”
    “I told Tony I’d come with you.  I’ll pick you up at five
thirty,” he informs me. 
    “Five thirty?” I ask.
    “Gabby, you ask a lot of questions.  Yes, I’ll be here at
five thirty.  Size of this town, you can get anywhere in thirty minutes, even
though Tony said it wasn’t far,” he informs me again.  “The crew said they’ll
be done soon.  They’ll contact your insurance Monday morning and get with you
about the details.  The fans need to run through Monday night.  Good luck with
that, sugar, I think they’re freaking the dog out,” he continues, throwing a
glance over at Mia tucked into a tight ball in her bed, unmistakably not liking
the buzz of the fans.
    Not hearing anything past “sugar” and not getting my wits
about me, the only thing I can come up with is, “You play Fantasy Football?”
    “Not for quite a few years, but I used to,” he answers.  “I
gotta get to the office and get some shit done this afternoon, you good here?”
    “Uh…yeah, I’m good,” I answer, still trying to catch up with
the latest plans.  “You really don’t need to come and get me, I can

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