Owning the Beast

Owning the Beast by Alexa Riley Read Free Book Online

Book: Owning the Beast by Alexa Riley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alexa Riley
Tags: Erótica, Literature & Fiction, BDSM
kiss. Pulling back, I dropped a kiss on the scar
that catches the corner of his lip, trailing kisses all the way up to his ear.
    “I think you’re beautiful, Griffin. You hide behind your
anger and keep people away. Please let me in. We can make this work. We could
be happy. If you let us be.”
    No sooner had the words left my mouth did I feel Griffin
pick me up and carry me out of the gazebo. Startled, I let out a squeal of
shock, immediately wrapping my arms and legs around him tightly. I probably
resembled a monkey right now. He laughed lightly and lowered his lips over mine
once again. Lost in his lips and his taste, I felt him lowering me and soon
enough, my back touched the grass. Laying me down, Griffin maneuvered himself
between my legs all the while keeping our lips locked. Pulling back to catch
his breath, he looked down at me.
    “Stay, Bella. Please.” His voice husky, filled with emotion.
“I don’t want to be angry anymore. I want to heal and move on. Will you stay
here and teach me? Please don’t go back to the agency. I’ll make this right. I’m
so sorry for the way I’d been acting. You deserve better. You deserve
everything. Please, let me give you everything.”
    I felt Griffin steal a piece of my heart as the words left
his mouth. We both had some healing to do. While they might be different, we
could still do it together. In response, I tilted my head towards him, offering
him my lips once more. With a groan, Griffin lowered his head and accepted the
kiss. For the first time since arriving at Creston Falls, all of my fears
    “Angel,” Griffin breathed out, nipping my ear. His stubble
tickled the side of my face.
    “Mmm, Griffin. Please,” I moaned, wanting him to kiss me
more, anywhere, everywhere. I needed his touch. I lifted my hips, trying to get
some friction. Sliding his hand between us, he stroked my thigh before moving
under my dress, cupping my mound.
    “I see you were lying about not wearing panties earlier. Don’t
tease me, Beauty. I’ll spank that sinful ass of yours the next time.”  He
continued to stroke my pussy over my panties and my hips began to rock slightly
against his fingers.
    “Are you sore, Angel?” He nibbled on my bottom lip as he
yanked my panties to the side, dipping a finger inside. “I don’t want to hurt
you. I never want to hurt you again.”
    I was tender but it felt so good having him inside me once
again. Arching into his touch, I feel myself growing wetter as his thumb rubbed
my clit. “More,” I managed to gasp out as he added a second finger.
    “God, you’re so fucking wet. I barely even touched you. Is
all this cream for me?”
    Thrusting his fingers harder into me, he rubbed my clit a
little faster.
    “Do you like what I’m doing, Angel? Do you want more? Do you
want me to slide my big, hard cock inside you and give us what we both want?
Fuck my fingers, Bella. Show me how much you want me to fuck that pretty little
pussy of yours. Show me how much you want me to slide my big fat cock inside
you. “ He growled, raking his teeth across my neck. I didn’t think he meant to
pose them as questions but I doubt I could answer him if I even tried.
    His words were killing me. Who knew words could set your
body on fire like this. “What are you doing to me? Oh god. I… I just … please,
Griffin. Please…” With his other hand, Griffin tugged hard at the top of my
dress causing my breasts to spill out. My nipples harden instantly under his
hungry gaze. Dipping his head, he licked and placed kisses all around my left
breast before sucking my nipple into his mouth fully.  Each tug, nip and lick shot
straight to my clit and I felt my orgasm slowly building. I knew this one was
going to blow last night’s out of the water.
     “Not yet, Angel. This time I want you cumming around my
cock. I want to feel your pussy milking my cum out of me.” He rumbled, removing
his hand from between my legs.
    “Just hurry, please. Griffin, I

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