Passion's Series

Passion's Series by Mary Adair Read Free Book Online

Book: Passion's Series by Mary Adair Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary Adair
"It is right that I should stay here with you a while and learn about the red man that I will someday be."
    James took a deep breath. Buffalo was right. The post had been no place for a boy, who wanted and needed to find honor in his heritage. His mother had given up her place among her people. Now it was Buffalo's turn to choose.
    James tilted his head back and watched the glowing sparks from the flames float upward to disappear into the darkness above. Tomorrow he would send out a runner to let Buffalo's mother know that the boy would stay awhile in Dancing Cloud's village.
    To Buffalo he said, "You will live with me until your test of manhood is complete. After that, your path will be yours to choose."
    New Moon stood hidden in the shadows as first Buffalo and then later Cloud made their way to where James sat and watched the dancing.
    "Why is your heart troubled?"
    New Moon looked over at Old Woman Who Hears the Spirits Of The Wind. "He is a white man," New Moon answered with some surprise.
    "Of course he is! I knew that the moment these old eyes looked at him." Old Woman craned her neck forward and squinted her eyes as if having difficulty focusing. New Moon knew the old woman's eyes were sharp.
    "He should stand up."
    New Moon was startled and swung her head back in James' direction. "Why? Is there something wrong?"
    Old Woman chuckled. "Wrong? of course not. Have you seen his legs, New Moon? They are beautiful."
    New Moon relaxed. "You are too old to be looking at a warrior's legs, Old Woman," New Moon half-heartedly scolded with a grin.
    Old Woman straightened her back as best she could and peered up at New Moon. "And you are too young to scold your elders!"
    "I am sorry, Old Woman. You are right." New Moon turned away and rubbed her hands along the tingling flesh of her arms. "You are wise..." she began but Old Woman interrupted.
    "Of course I am. I'm old!"
    New Moon turned back to her. Old Woman's gruffness did not concern her. "What does the wind tell you? Why has the Great Spirit sent a white man?"
    A sad smile touched the old woman's lips. "We are not meant to always understand the ways of the Great Spirit, but I will tell you what I know. The Earth is our mother. This you know. All the creatures that live on Mother Earth are brothers. This you know." Old Woman peered up at New Moon with eyes as black as night and as sharp as an eagle's.
    "The white man is also our brother. He is a brother that will cause us much pain, but a brother still. The winds whisper into my ears that there are many white brothers to come. They will come as boldly as Grandfather River when he rushes through the cove you call your private place. With him he will bring many things strange to us and he will take many things that are dear to us away."
    Old Woman paused and New Moon thought she was through, then..."There will be a time for mourning what our people have lost. Then the time will come when many of our grandchildren will say : 'We will mourn no more.' They will remember the stories they were told as children and they will tell them to their children and to their grandchildren. These children will feel in their hearts the pride of their ancestors. Then the Great Spirit will look upon them and smile. Then The People will live again."
    Old Woman looked at New Moon with kind eyes. "Do not fret about what I say. Our people have been here from the beginning. But we have many brothers we have not seen.
    "Sometimes it is hard for brothers to live together. Sometimes one brother loses his pride. This is a bad thing. But, if the brother is wise he will remember what his fathers taught him and he will become strong again. This brother will never lose his pride again and he will be stronger than before.
    "Our people must go through this time of learning. We must also learn to read our brother's heart. Not all white men are the same." She directed New Moon's gaze back to James. "See how the Blue Eyes talks with Cloud. See how he plays with

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