Perfect Sense (Perfect Series Book 1)

Perfect Sense (Perfect Series Book 1) by Amanda Cowen Read Free Book Online

Book: Perfect Sense (Perfect Series Book 1) by Amanda Cowen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Cowen
in Public Health. Olivia is petite blonde studying fashion design at the California College of the Arts and a longtime childhood friend. Our families are really close, and our fathers played professional ice-hockey together. She’s like a second sister to both Lyndsey and I, and she’s so funny and bubbly that is impossible not to lover her.
    “Aw shit! Here comes trouble!” Vaughn shouts in a singsong voice, draping her arm around my shoulders. “Attention ladies, it’s the incoming Facebook craze that’s got Cash Brooks all worked up.”
    “Vaughn, shut up. Do you want to get us killed?” I laugh nervously, glancing over my shoulder to make sure no one heard her.
    Lyndsey giggles. “Don’t even get her started, Vaughn.”
    “But he’s soooo hot,” Olivia gushes, letting out a satisfied sigh.
    “Yeah, he’s also a pompous ass.” I snort and lead our way through security and into the arena.
    The arena is packed tonight. The stench of beer and sweat hits my nostrils as we push through the mobs of people funneling toward the rink. I start to feel a tiny bit of affliction, when I notice every other female under the age of thirty wearing Cash’s jersey. My stomach balls in knots when I see girl upon girl by-passing us with his number (17) painted on their face.
    Once we get to our seats, front row and center behind the home bench, I immediately get the chills and slip on my white wool mittens. Great. I knew we would be close, but I didn’t realize how close we’d actually be. All Cash would have to do is turn around and his face would be practically touching mine if it weren’t for the glass separating us.
    “I need hot cocoa,” I say, feeling my pulse skip a beat. I need something warm, and fast if I am ever going to survive this game.
    “Can you get me one too, Quinny?” Vaughn asks, and then tugs on Lyndsey’s arm. “So who else on this team is single and ready to mingle?”
    Lyndsey starts rambling off every single player name and their personal history like she is some sort of dating service. Maybe if she put that much effort into her studies, she could actually graduate college on time.
    “Want me to come with you?” Olivia shouts over the roaring crowd.
    I shake my head. “No, I’ll be fine. Want anything?”
    “No thanks.” She smiles.
    As I wait in line for our drinks, the sound of females cheering and screaming causes me to jerk my head to the side and down the long stretch of hallway. The local news has blocked off a section near the elevator, where bodyguards surround the taped perimeters and cameras and microphones hang into a closed off section.
    “Omigod! They are going to interview him!” Some girl behind me shouts. She pushes past me, knocking me in the shoulder.
    When I look up, a spark of nervousness pierces my gut, sending my insides for a twisted turn of lust. Cash is accompanied by the Head Coach, Tony Bartley, on his left and the General Manager, Dwayne Carson, on his right. His demeanor is relaxed and he stands there all smug looking with his helmet off and his wild wavy honey hair free and unruly.
    The women surrounding the perimeters scream his name, over and over and over again, making me really uncomfortable. A pretty blonde reporter asks him questions, but I can’t hear anything she asks or anything he responds over the noise. But whatever is coming out of his mouth has him smiling and showcasing his lick-able dimples on both sides of his scruffy cheeks.
    “What are you getting, honey?” the lady behind the counter asks.
    “Hot cocoa. Two please.”
    My body feels warm and everything intensifies, from my heartbeat, to my breathing to the prickling on my skin. When my gaze finds its way back to the crowd, Cash’s eyes are on me. The intensity in his smile when our eyes meet, has me so jittery and vulnerable that when the lady behind the counter passes me the hot cocoa I ordered, the trembling of my fingers causes me to spill a few droplets down the front of my

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