Persuading Him

Persuading Him by Michelle Dare Read Free Book Online

Book: Persuading Him by Michelle Dare Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Dare
Tags: Erótica, Romance, Sex, series, love, Erotic Romance
loved that we didn’t use a condom.  Like him, I’d never not used one, but was glad he went without.  I could feel his cock jerking inside of me and I gripped him with my inner muscles, pulsating them around him.  In return he groaned loudly.
    He moved my legs back down to the bed, but didn’t pull out.  Slowly lowering his body onto mine, he kissed me lazily.  His tongue swept along the inside of my mouth, my own stroking his.
    I didn’t understand my instant attraction to him and I didn’t want to.   There were some decisions in life where you needed to take a step back and evaluate if the risk was worth the reward.  In the case of having and keeping Radek in my life, the reward far outweighed any risk.
    Rolling us to our sides, he brushed my hair out of my face and began to kiss a trail down my neck.  When he reached the swell of my breasts my stomach rumbled loudly.  How embarrassing.  He looked up and reached for the phone next to the bed.
    “What’s your pleasure?”
    My filter became non-existent.  “You.  I want you in the shower, on the floor, and on the couch.  I want you to fuck me up against the wall and that’s only tonight.  Tomorrow morning I want to wake up with your cock inside of me as you take me from behind.”
    His mouth lifted in a lopsided smile.  Holy hell I could stare at him all day.  He was the epitome of what a man should look like.  “I meant food, but will be happy to fill all of your other needs as well.”
    Shit, if I didn’t eat there was no way I would have the stamina to go all night.  Food was needed.  “I’ll take the prime rib, medium well, baked potato with butter, and mixed steamed vegetables.”
    “Anything else?” he asked laughing.
    “No!  Don’t laugh.  I like to eat and if I’m going to be fucked all night I need sustenance.”
    He bowed his head slightly.  “As you wish.”  That ass made me feel like I was ordering a lot of food, but then he ordered the same damn thing.  I shook my head at him in exasperation.
    We continued to explore one another until the food arrived.   Later when our appetite for food was sated, we moved on to our appetite for each other.

~ 7 ~
    The morning came all too fast and Radek woke me just how I asked.  We had breakfast and each went our separate ways to pack.  Rob and Maria were waiting for us when we went down to the lobby.  Our SUV was waiting out back to take us to the airport.
    Only a few paparazzi remained in front of the hotel, trying to snap pictures of us leaving.  I would never understand why anyone would give a shit about stupid things like me leaving a hotel.  I get the gossip about who I’m dating, but the stupid every day stuff, no.  Didn’t make any sense to me.  Then again, I wasn’t one to read tabloids.
    Rob and Maria got into the far back of the SUV while Radek and I sat in the middle.  I decided to call her by her name since I won and got the man.  She didn’t like it though and gave me the stink eye from the back seat.  Whatever.  Maybe she could leech onto Rob and I could kill two birds with one stone.
    The flight home was uneventful.  Maria asked me a couple of times if I needed anything and I politely declined.  I decided to stay up front instead of in my bedroom just in case Radek left the cockpit for one reason or another.  He didn’t of course, so I had to deal with more of Maria’s stares.  At least that time she wasn’t as obvious about her distaste of me.  I made a mental note to never have her on my service again.
    My thoughts drifted on the way back to Pennsylvania.  For one thing, I didn’t even know where Radek lived.  I assumed somewhere close to the airport since he was recommended to me and available so quickly.  If we were going to have a relationship there were a lot of details I needed to know.  We were so wrapped up in sex that nothing else had been discussed.
    We landed smoothly and I began to collect my belongings when Radek and Rob

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