Picture Her Bound-epub

Picture Her Bound-epub by Sidney Bristol Read Free Book Online

Book: Picture Her Bound-epub by Sidney Bristol Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sidney Bristol
could get without owning land and a house.
    He parted her folds and gently flicked her clit back and forth.
    She kicked her legs, her feet slipping as she tried to find purchase. His weight kept her pinned, not that she had anywhere else she’d want to be.
    Jacques wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked. Her back arched, and she panted. Her muscles were supple, her body so warmed up that each flick of his tongue brought about ripples in her core.
    “Oh, God.” She gasped as the first wave of pleasure swept over her, rising as if from her toes to the crown of her head and back again.
    He continued to lap at her. The devil knew how easily she orgasmed, and now he tormented her with it, keeping her on the swell of the wave, going and going. Her whole body vibrated from the inside out until she keened, almost screaming.
    “Stop, stop, stop, please,” she chanted, unsure if she meant it or if she deserved more torment.
    Jacques relented, stroking her folds until the shuddering stopped and her breathing returned to something resembling normal. He rested his face against her hip, watching her. Without a word spoken, he crawled up her body and cupped her face.
    How could a man who kicked ass be so tender? Sure, he’d thrown her on her butt and given her a good flogging, but she’d needed to be taken in hand. She’d needed him. It was an odd sensation, to need someone again when she hadn’t in ages.
    Odalia lifted her head off the pillow and kissed him. He eased his weight down onto her, clasping her hands and holding her immobile.
    “I want you in me,” she whispered when their lips parted.
    Jacques nodded and stood. Before he could do more than tab open his jeans, Odalia sat up and pushed his hands out of the way. He allowed it, and she unzipped him the rest of the way. She glanced up at him as she hooked her thumbs in the band of his boxers, pulling the remaining clothing down as she went.
    She followed the path of the denim, caressing his bulging thigh muscles and down to his calves.
    Jacques stepped out of the discarded clothing and pushed her back. He grabbed his wallet and withdrew a condom, ever the Boy Scout. He ripped it out and rolled the latex on while she watched. She was almost jealous it wasn’t her hands caressing his stiff flesh.
    He crawled back onto the bed and hoisted her left leg up over his arm, opening her up to him.
    Odalia reached above her for the wooden slats and held on, her breath coming faster as Jacques notched the head of his cock against her pussy. He thrust and slid into her slick channel. She moaned, feeling the soreness from the rough fucking that morning deep in her muscles. Those were the kind of marks that didn’t show, but she savored them more than anything.
    Jacques hoisted her leg higher and pressed deeper. She tossed her head back as her delicate muscles hugged him tight.
    Unlike that morning, his motions were slow, controlled, driving her pleasure. He had one hand planted on the bed next to her shoulder, the other around her leg. She could feel his gaze on her body, tracing the lines of the sacred heart tattooed on her chest.
    “Oh, fuck,” she groaned as the first ripple went through her pussy.
    “That’s it,” he rumbled.
    “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck.” Her voice rose to a scream as pleasure crested, cascading over her and pulling her under.
    Jacques continued to slide in and out, in no hurry at all to find his own climax. Her spine bowed, she dug her nails into his thigh with one hand and grounded herself to the bed with the other. “Fuck! Jac—Jacques, fuck me.”
    She could hear Creature whimper and scratch at the door, but she had no presence of mind to even consider her dog.
    Odalia dug her nails in harder as another wave of climax battered her, stronger than before, assaulting her hypersensitive nerves. Pleasure reached the point of almost pain, her nerves stretching tight, the sensations too much.
    Jacques thrust hard and froze, the tendons on either side of

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