Play for Me

Play for Me by Lois Kasznia Read Free Book Online

Book: Play for Me by Lois Kasznia Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lois Kasznia
Tags: Romnace
had said anything because he looked genuinely hurt. “I
mean, yeah. I can see where women would fall in love with you.”
    “What about you?” Ian had stopped walking and looked
directly at Sam.
    “I’m not looking for a man,” said Sam as she continued to
walk. As if she would really say what she felt, and get hurt. She remembered
all too well having a crush on some of her brother’s friends. Let’s not forget
the girls pretending to be her friend so they could date her brother. Sam had
been down that road before. “So, where are going for lunch?” She smiled up at
Ian who still stared at her.
    “Do you like Mexican? There’s this cheeky little restaurant
along the pier, food is so-so but the Margaritas are really good!”
    “I’m not used to drinking at lunch time,” said Sam
skeptically. “I hear it can be a bad habit.”
    “Look, you’re on vacation,” replied Ian as he held the
restaurant door open for her. Sam couldn't help but notice some very strange
characters meandering outside.
    “Ian?” she asked tugging on his sleeve. “Are those hippies?”
Sam pointed to a group of long haired, people dressed shabbily
    “Ah, yes. This is where it gets interesting. They are from
the sixties, and never left the area. Most of them are off their rockers with
all of the drugs they took. Just wait. After lunch, I’ll take you up to Venice
Beach. It’s a trip.” Ian signaled the hostess and he and Sam were seated right
    “This looks good,” said Sam as she looked over the menu. “What
do you recommend, besides the drinks?”
    “Anything,” said Ian. “How do you like your Margaritas?”
    “Frozen,” said Sam. “I think I’ll stick with a Taco Salad.
If I have anything heavy, I’ll be sound asleep in no time.”
    “That’s cool. I have this really nice big bed…”
    “Stop,” laughed Sam. “Are you trying to be Jett?”
    “Just testing how you’ll handle yourself around him in case
he makes a pass.” Ian stared at Sam thoughtfully.
    “I’ll tell him I don’t play on his team,” Sam said that with
a straight face to gauge Ian’s reaction. She smiled when he appeared to be
    “You’re gay?” Ian’s eyes opened wide in shock. “Is that why
you don’t find me attractive, and you’re not looking for a man? You like women?”
    “Oh no,” said Sam laughing. “I like men, really sexy and
    “Then why don’t you find me attractive? How do you know I’m
not sexy and virile,” countered Ian. The waiter had put some chips and salsa on
the table along with their drinks.
    “I can’t believe we’re having this conversation,” said Sam. “Okay.
I think you’re damn hot, but you know it. So that’s kind of a turn off. I’ve dealt
with egos my whole life. Musicians and artists have a hold on the market.”
    “You think I’m hot?” Ian smiled lazily. “For a minute there,
I thought I had lost my touch.”
    “Enough!” Sam put her hand up to stop the flow of
conversation. “Tell me about Ian.”
    “What do you want to know?” asked Ian never breaking eye
contact with her.
    “Like who are you? Where did you grow up, where you went to
school? Have you ever been married? Who’s your current girlfriend? That type of
stuff.” Sam looked at his hands and then smiled. “I don't see a wedding ring or
a tan line revealing there is a wedding ring.”
    “I’m not going to reveal everything, ” said Ian coyly.
    “Jeesh,” commented Sam good naturedly as she rolled her eyes.
“You’re impossible.”
    “Why do you want to know about me? Do you plan on dating me?”
    “Of course not,” said Sam. “Especially if you have a
girlfriend. Not into those kind of relationships.”
    “But you think you would date me if I didn’t have a
girlfriend?” Ian enjoyed the banter between them.
    “No!” said Sam emphatically. “I would never date someone I
didn’t know.”
    “But if I told you a little about myself, then you would
date me?” asked Ian,

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