Pranked by Sienna Valentine Read Free Book Online

Book: Pranked by Sienna Valentine Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sienna Valentine
straightening. “I... could I have some privacy?”
    Right. The photos. That was something else I’d found in my quick Google search. It made sense she’d be touchy about nudity right now. “Of course, Yeah,” I said, moving toward the bedroom. “I’ll finish up my packing. Let me know when you’re finished, and we can go get your suitcase.”
    “Thanks.” Her answer was quiet, and I wondered where the sparkle had gone. She’d been so full of life last night, so ready to explore something new, so ready to... be real. I could practically feel the walls she was putting up now. Someone had hurt her, and badly. It was more than the pictures; I was sure of it. Maybe I’d be able to figure it out this weekend. If she still wanted to come with me, that is, once she knew we weren’t really married.
    I had just finished getting my bags together when I heard a quiet knock on the bedroom door. “You can come out now,” Ava said, peeking her head in from the other room. “If you want.”
    Dressed in the same clothes she’d been wearing last night—though she was holding the wig and hat, rather than wearing them—she still managed to look as fresh as when she’d stepped out of the shower. It was hard to believe this was the same woman who’d let me fuck her six ways from Sunday last night. The memory of the desperation in her voice before she came made my dick twitch a little, and I had to do something quick to distract myself.
    “Ready for the honeymoon, Mrs. Campbell?” I asked, a subtle reminder of my subterfuge.
    “As ready as I can manage,” she said. “Mr. Campbell.” She said my name tentatively, like she wasn’t sure what to make of it.
    “Cowboy’s fine,” I teased, and she laughed softly, shaking her head and sending her freshly-washed hair twirling about her face. God, she was pretty. Sexy even now, as innocent as her smile made her look.
    “All right, Cowboy,” she said, shifting her weight from one foot to another. It wasn’t until she cleared her throat softly that I realized I’d been staring.
    “I’ll call for a car,” I said. “To take us to the airstrip.” I let myself stare for a moment more, mesmerized. This was definitely not what I expected when I’d booked myself in for a tech conference this week.
    She nodded like it was no surprise we’d be flying from an airstrip instead of the commercial airport. I supposed she was probably used to chartered flights, being a television star and all. I continued to watch her out of the corner of my eye as I made the call down to the concierge. She was humming quietly to herself as she moved casually around the room, stopping now and then to inspect a throw or a picture or a knick-knack. I’d never seen anyone that interested in a hotel room, but she seemed to be honestly taking in her surroundings, like she could learn something from a room as generic—albeit, lush—as this one.
    She was calm, too, much more than she’d been before her shower. Resigned to her fate, maybe? I didn’t like the way that made me feel. I didn’t want her resigned to me. I wanted her desperate for me, like she had seemed last night, whispering my name as she clenched her pussy around my cock, eyes focused solely on my face. I allowed myself a brief moment after hanging up the phone to redirect my thoughts, and then I turned to her with my most charming smile.
    “Shall we?” I asked, offering her my arm.
    “Let’s shall,” she answered, giggling a little, showing just a hint of the woman I’d met last night.
    I wanted the chance to see more of it. Maybe that’s why I didn’t tell her the truth on the elevator ride as she leaned into me slightly, her body a soft warmth at my side. Already, I was starting to dread the moment of revelation, and that was a new feeling. I usually loved revealing my hand, but with Ava… the rouse was too good and too easy, and the potential disaster of her learning the truth too depressing. I wanted to live in this prank.

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