Preternatural: An Erotic Paranormal Romance Collection (3 Book Bundle)
cycle. Since Jennifer had come into his life he had done his best to keep up with it. Breathe, man, breathe…
    And there was a distinct reason he did this. You see, Lucas was a werewolf! And this was his secret. One that he guarded with his life. And one that he had never even shared with Jennifer! I mean, who would accept that as a real thing, right?! This curse, his curse… it was passed from male to male in his family bloodline. In fact, all of his male ancestors, as far back as he could remember, were werewolves.
    And this curse… his curse, it was in-born, unchangeable and dominated his life when the moon was full. He, and all the men in his family, they changed each full moon into a beast of the night… with a bloodlust that raged out of control… especially on the second night! He had always feared that he might tear someone else apart – and on occasion, it did happen.
    And he hated himself for the lives he’d claimed in the past. When he was young and first beginning the change… he was a beast out of control. But how could one run away from the full moon… or oneself? Before he had learned to deal with his curse, there had been several people he had killed. Their lost lives never left his memory and he regretted his part in their deaths.
    Eventually, though, Lucas taught himself a little more of how to control himself. He just had to figure out what worked for him, breathing exercises, meditation… It also took work and planning, but he had eventually gotten to the point that he could keep the beast from harming others. To date, it had been years since he had last killed someone.
    And then Jennifer came into his life. And things, everything… it all  changed for the better. Something about her, about how he was with her… he wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but Lucas found he could control the bloodlust more and more, since they had started dating. And even more so since they had moved in together months back. Some nights, if he really concentrated, and if it had been a good week, he could even resist the change inside him completely.
    Somehow, since he had found Jennifer, he was now able to defeat the monster inside him. Usually, on the nights of the full moon, Lucas always managed to be out of town. So far, he was always able to use some sort of business trips as his excuse for being gone. Jennifer never doubted him due to his reasons for leaving, and up till now, he’d been able to hide his curse from her with no hiccups of any kind.

Calming the Wolf: An Erotic Paranormal Romance, Chapter 3
    Tonight…. since he’d messed up so badly… tonight… tonight would be a problem.  Full moon was tonight! Now! And since he had not planned his business trip this month ahead of time… how was he ever going to leave Jennifer now… before the change that might take him?
    He stood there by the desk, overwhelmed by his stupid mistake, and fury at his stupidity started to burn deep inside him. How in the hell will I ever  come up with an excuse for me right this second? Lucas cursed himself over and over, so much so, that he forgot she was even in the room.
    His brain was in overdrive, like a super computer, looking for a suitable  excuse for leaving Jennifer right now… at this odd hour of the night!
    “Shit, shit, shit…” Lucas said to himself over and over, louder and louder, forgetting all about Jennifer, only feet away, over in the bed. He had stopped his breathing exercises… only minutes away from a full blown panic attack!
    Panic pulsated through his body as he tried to think of a good way out. Right now! She can’t see anything. And I can’t bear the risk of hurting her. He knew he would never be able to live with himself if that ever were to happen.
    For some reason, completely unknown to him, through the course of their relationship, he’d become more and more able to control the change. Many nights he was able to stay almost completely human, with only a small outbreak of hair on his

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