Protecting My Hart (Protectors Series Book 1)

Protecting My Hart (Protectors Series Book 1) by Danielle Wright Read Free Book Online

Book: Protecting My Hart (Protectors Series Book 1) by Danielle Wright Read Free Book Online
Authors: Danielle Wright
he’s legit, set up a showing and let me know. There is a shipment of sugar and firepower coming in, split it up, half comes back here half goes down to San Antonio. PK is gonna meet you down there with the truck, got a couple new specials to add. I figure it’ll take you about two months, as long as there are no complications.”
    “Sounds solid. When we set to leave?”
    “In the morning, I’ll give you the rest of the details then. Now, I’m going to go back to enjoying these two hot pieces. Ladies, shall we move this upstairs to my bed?” They giggle and JD gets up, escorting the trash upstairs.
    Watching him go, I’m pissed he treats Hart this way but lucky at the same time because I know we won’t be bothered.
    “Tesoro?” I ask walking into her room. “You awake?”
    “Yeah.” Her voice is still off, weak almost.
    “Are you feeling any better?”
    “A little bit, head still hurts.”
    “OK, no lights. Have you eaten anything?”
    Breaks my heart that nobody takes care of her. I’ve reached her bed so I can see her covered in just a blanket. “I brought you a milkshake. Do you think you can drink it?”
    “You did?”
    “Yeah, Tesoro, thought it might help you feel better. Brought you this too.” I tuck the small brown Teddy Bear in her arms under her chin, and I watch as she hugs it closer to her.
    “Thank you.” I hear tears in her voice, and they echo through my body.
    “Hart, are you OK? What’s wrong?”
    “Nothing, I’m OK. I promise. I’m getting better.”
    “You can tell me, Hartley, whatever it is.”
    “I know, but really, I’m OK. Can I have the milkshake?”
    “Of course.” I hold it close to her while she lifts her head to drink it.
    “It’s delicious. SWEETS?”
    “You know it, best milkshakes around.”
    “Thank you for the bear.”
    “You are welcome. Listen, Hart, I’m leaving tomorrow, and I’m going to be gone for a couple of months. JD’s got a big deal set up.”
    “OK. Be careful.”
    “You know I will, and when I get back, you are going to tell me all about that blue butterfly. Deal?”
    “Goodnight, mi Tesoro. Te amo. Sweet dreams, Hartley.”
    “Goodnight, Slyde. Sweet Dreams.”

It’s been almost three months since I was attacked and since Slyde left. I haven’t gotten my period for a few months, and I’m freaking out. I’ve taken a test I bought a while ago when I thought I could have been. I bought more than one, thank God because now there is no way anyone would take me to the store. Things still haven’t been that great here. JD doesn’t speak to me, he yells. I don’t get attacked but I am used as a personal blow job machine. Although, it’s not just personal, it’s for the whole damn crew, but only if they catch me out of my room. So I try not to leave unless it’s really late at night or early in the morning to get food. A few of the guys will come into my room and drag me out. If I fight it, I get bruises. I’m definitely not safe here anymore. Scratch that. I stare down at the bold blue plus sign on the test. We’re not safe here anymore. Shit . Now what do I do? My hands rub over my stomach where my baby is growing, and my eyes fill with tears. I’m happy, but I’m also completely terrified. I don’t know how to be a mom, but I guess I don’t have much of a choice. I have two options: one, I tell JD about the baby on the off chance he might be happy about it, or two, I run like hell as far away from here as I can get. However, with option two, I have nowhere to run to and no money to run with. It’s not just me anymore, and I have to keep my baby safe. Option two it is.
    Planning what I’m going to take makes me sad. I’m not going to be able to take all my belongings, and as much as I would love to bring my books, I just can’t carry them. I know where JD keeps cash, so if I wait until the middle of the night, I can pack some sandwiches and grab the money and leave. I would have a few hours at

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