Raised By Wolves Volume four- Wolves

Raised By Wolves Volume four- Wolves by W. A. Hoffman Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Raised By Wolves Volume four- Wolves by W. A. Hoffman Read Free Book Online
Authors: W. A. Hoffman
my comments on what you French are calling a lord these days… But I have no reasonto believe this manis as youclaim.”
“Then how did you know which one was the lord?” Morganasked.
“I know it is claimed he is a lord. I have not seen proof ofthis, however,”Thorp amended.
“It does not matter what you think he is. We know what he is, and youcannot have him,”Savant said.
“Is that so?” Thorp asked after Savant’s words were translated.
I joined the fray and hoped my sister would once again follow. “You willnot get allthat you came for. Let himgo. And I willgo withyou.”
“Oui, it must be this way,” I said in French. “They will killyou. He does not want me dead, yet.”
“Aye, let them all go, and Will and I will accompany
“Aye, let them all go, and Will and I will accompany you,” Sarah was saying. “Our father can demand our presence, but he has no damnright to the rest.”
“Miss Sarah,” Thorp said with a slow smile. “No matter what your supposed rescuers do, people will die. Who are you willingto lose? Who are your rescuers willingto sacrifice?”
There was movement above, and a body flopped limply on the floor a foot from my head. A shadow followed it to land next to our captor. And then Pete had Thorp by his clubbed hair witha blade to his throat.
Pete hissed in his ear. “Ya Kill Them, Ya Die. They Kill Me, Ya Die. I Kill Ya First, I Die. Ya Dies No Matter What Comes.”
“I see your point,” Thorp breathed. “You are correct, I would rather face a disappointed employer than death; but, I will not leave empty-handed. If you wish to spill blood—mine and yours—know that you will also cause the deaths of those you care for. My men have orders to leave no one alive if all goes poorly.”
“Ya Think They Follow Yur Orders When Ya Be Dead?”
“Aye, I do,” Thorp said. “I amnot the one who will pay themcoininthe end.”
“Will? Sarah?”Pete asked.
“I’ll go without a fight,” I said, “but only if everyone else
is safe.”“Aye,”Sarahsaid.
Striker swore quietly.
Gaston dropped the reins. “Non!” he howled as loudly
    Gaston dropped the reins. “Non!” he howled as loudly as his brokenvoice would allow and beganto thrashabout.
“Hold! Hold!” Thorp called to his men as Pete pulled him farther away from my matelot. “Let the damn French take
him.” Thorp’s men pulled back, and some of Savant’s surged
in to pick Gaston up and carry himcursing and thrashing out the door. Myeyes filled withtears ofrelief.
    The Brethren, both French and English, plucked the rest of the captives away until only Sarah and I remained. Then Pete backed to the door, towing Thorp with him until Pete stood as the head of the musket hedgehog. Only then did he spit Thorp back into the atrium.
    Pete looked to Sarah and me. “I Know Where Yur Father Lives.”
“Take care ofStriker and Pike first,”Sarahsobbed.
I knew not what to say. Pete’s gaze met mine and I knew I need say nothing. All would be done that could be done: I only need have faith in the Gods, a great golden lion who was Their avatar, and mymatelot.
Then the Brethren were gone, and we were left alone with a house full of disgruntled mercenaries and Thorp, who stood staringat the doorwaywitha touchofawe.
“Well, damn,” Thorp said at last. He gathered himself and turned to Jeffries and the rest ofhis men. “Let us get themto the ship, quickly, before those damn fools regroup and try to rescue themagainnow that we have no other hostages.”
“What ofthe boat and children?”Jeffries asked.
“Hah,” Thorp said. “We cannot pursue it now—
“Hah,” Thorp said. “We cannot pursue it now— whichever directiontheywent.”He looked pointedlyat Sarah.
She pawed her tears away and thrust out her chin to smile. “Pete told me to delayyou.”
Thorp laughed with sincere amusement. “Well, I hope to meet himagain someday.” He pointed at the balcony fromwhich Pete had dropped. “Do we

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